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Counseling Center

The Hocking College Counseling Center helps promote the psychological health and wellbeing of our student population in order to foster academic success. Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons including study/test taking concerns, learning/attention difficulties, stress/anxiety reduction, relationship concerns, depression, suicidal concerns, family issues, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual concerns and grief and loss. We also provide appropriate referrals for those students experiencing serious mental health issues.

Getting Started

Counseling services are offered to currently enrolled students, and are provided at no charge. On-going counseling is by appointment only. However, initial appointments/consultations typically occur during our walk-In hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Counseling Center will do its best to see each student who comes during these times. However on days when there is an unusually high demand, there is a possibility that a student may be asked to return to the next day's walk-in or make an appointment for an initial assessment/consultation. Appointments may be scheduled by stopping by our offices at 204 Oakley Hall or calling 740.753.6095.


  • Individual Counseling

    The Counseling Center offers brief individual therapy to students for a variety of personal concerns. Most students are able to meet their goals quickly are seen for one or two quarters. Many students find that the initial meeting itself is all they need to explore and clarify their feelings and options.

  • Group Counseling

    Group counseling is an excellent alternative to individual counseling. The Counseling Center typically offers several counseling groups based on student need and demand.

  • Referral

    Students may be referred to resources, offering other services from those available through the Counseling Center. Referrals may be made to other on-campus services or to community professionals.

  • Consultation and Crisis Intervention

    Counselors are available during normal working hours to consult with students, faculty, staff, parents or others who are concerned about the well-being of a Hocking College student. Counselors are also trained to assist students in the aftermath of campus crisis or tragedies.

  • Veterans

    The transition from military to civilian life, and back into the academic world, can be challenging. Our counselors have the training to assist veterans with various issues, and provide referrals to additional campus resources.

  • MyLife

    College is a journey in life. Sometimes GUIDANCE is needed along the way to make the JOURNEY more PEACEFUL and to reach your DESTINATION.

    MyLife is a new Wellness campaign developed by the Hocking College Counseling Center to promote the importance of maintaining good mental and physical health. We ALL have several roles that each one of us is trying to balance in our daily lives. Whether it is being a student, parent, employee, daughter, son, sibling, etc., each individual is faced with a balancing act. When one area of our life is not where we would like it to be, our daily life is thrown off course. MyLife offers Hocking College students guidance, education, and resources to learn about and apply healthy coping strategies that lead to maintaining good mental and physical health resulting in SUCCESS. Contact Kathleen Kutsko, 740.753.6099, in the Counseling Center for more information on the programs MyLife has to offer.

Mental Health Resources

  • ULifeline for Hocking College

    ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where Hocking College students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and drugs.

  • Hocking College Needs Assessment

    This is a confidential and anonymous survey conducted by the Counseling Center to assess the mental health needs of Hocking College students. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the development of mental health programs here at Hocking College. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

  • Half of Us

    Did you know that depression affects about 19 million people in the United States every year? College students are especially at risk with half reporting that they have been so stressed that they couldn't function during the past year. The impact of mental illness is so devastating that suicide is the third leading cause of death among all people ages 15-24. With so many people struggling, why is it still hard for us to talk about "mental health?"

    Nearly all mental health issues can be improved with proper treatment. When we decrease the stigma around mental health and encourage students to seek help if they need it, we are changing and saving lives.

    Through Half of Us, mtvU and The Jed Foundation want to initiate a public dialogue to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help. In planning for the campaign, mtvU conducted extensive research on how stress and depression are affecting young people nationwide. Please click here to download and executive summary of the 2006 "mtvU College Mental Health Study: Stress, Depression, Stigma & Students."

  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is the nation's only peer-to-peer organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health among college students. The organization serves as the young adult voice in mental health advocacy on over one hundred college campuses nationwide. Interested in starting a chapter here at Hocking College? Talk with one of the Counselors in the Counseling Center or visit Active Minds online.

  • Love is Louder

    Love is Louder was started by The Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. It's hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have turned this idea into a movement. A movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down.

Counseling Center
Hocking College
Oakley 210

Kathleen Kutsko, M.Ed., LPC 753.6099

Main Campus Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00 p.m. or by appointment

Perry Campus Hours
Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Please contact the Counseling Center for further details.

Logan Campus Hours
Please contact the Counseling Center for further details.

For urgent assistance, always call 911 or Campus Safety 753.6598.