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Maintains a Code of Ethics

The Maintains a Code of Ethics Success Skill deals with honest responsible citizenship and the morals of everyday living.


    1. Adheres to established college, course, and class rules.
    2. Recognizes the harm to self and others from dishonesty.
    3. Aware of the need and value of trustworthiness.
    4. Exhibits honesty in communication with a good faith attempt to be truthful, accurate, straightforward, and fair.
    5. Demonstrates honesty and integrity in conduct.
    1. Exercises restraint and delays gratification for the good of self and others.
    2. Does personal best in all situations.
    3. Overcomes obstacles rather than surrendering to them.
    4. Honors commitments, obligations, and promises to self and others.
    1. Shows thoughtful concern for the interest and well being of all.
    2. Uses core ethical values to guide actions.
    1. Uses a principled reasoning process for ethical decision making.
    2. Questions an ethical decision by asking if it is legal, right, just, not harmful, and socially acceptable.
    3. Applies the positive principles of honesty, respect, fairness, support, and duty.
    1. Takes responsibility for thoughts and actions.
    2. Avoids blaming others.
    3. Accepts consequences of choices (action or inaction).
    4. Does not tolerate others cheating/wrong doing.
    1. Recognizes the rights of all.
    2. Protects the dignity of others.
    3. Applies Hocking College Core Values: Access, Leadership & Service, Achievement, Professionalism, Diversity, Self-fulfillment, Holistic Approaches, Stewardship, Integrity, Uniqueness.
    1. Does not commit plagiarism.
    2. Documents work other than own.
    3. Refrains from duplicating copyrighted materials.


The following are some of the courses that will provide assessment and artifacts for the Maintains a Code of Ethics Success Skill:

  • SOCI1101 - General Sociology
  • HUM2203 - Introduction to Ethics
  • GS1000 - HC Cornerstone


The following are some of the Co-Curricular activities that will provide assessment and artifacts for the Maintains a Code of Ethics Success Skill:

  • Unity Board
  • Residence Hall Council
  • Campus Ministry
  • Kappa Beta Delta
  • The Learning Center (TLC)