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Maintains Professional Skills and Attitudes

The Maintains Professional Skills and Attitudes Success Skill deals with the skills that help you find and hold a job, such as job search techniques, time management, use of work technology and attendance.


    1. Researches job and employer prior to applying.
    2. Follows specific agency application processes.
    3. Uses the Internet for job search activities.
    4. Requests appropriate job application forms.
    5. Composes an acceptable cover letter and resume.
    6. Demonstrates skills in interviewing.
    7. Creates a Professional E-Portfolio.
    1. Actively participates.
    2. Asks questions as needed.
    3. Independently seeks further information.
    4. Recognizes tasks to be performed and completes them (self-direction).
    5. Demonstrates willingness to learn new tasks.
    6. Demonstrates a positive work ethic.
    7. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability related to work assignments.
    8. Works independently.
    1. Knows the performance expectations of career, job, and course.
    2. Accomplishes skills and tasks assigned.
    3. Performs tasks according to the operational standards (i.e. efficiently, accurately, consistently).
    1. Adheres to college/work policies and procedures (including Hocking College Student Guide and Program Handbooks).
    2. Follows course and class rules and procedures.
    1. States the value of an organizational chart.
    2. Follows chain of command.
    3. Uses formal and informal lines of communication.
    1. Recognizes the characteristics of good leaders, supervisors and team members.
    2. Uses personal strengths in leadership and team positions.
    3. Provides feedback in positive and constructive ways.
    4. Uses conflict resolution process.
    5. Recognizes own and others individual strengths and areas for growth.
    6. Functions as team member.
    7. Functions as team leader and supervisor.
    1. Prioritizes tasks to be completed.
    2. Completes tasks accurately and on time.
    3. Uses class/work time appropriately.
    4. Implements personal development plan.
    5. Comes to class/work prepared.
    6. Practices time management.
    7. Manages multiple assignments and tasks.
    8. Writes professional and personal goals.
    1. Uses a personal computer to convey and retrieve information.
    2. Uses equipment necessary for the task.
    3. Uses computer/Internet services appropriately.
    4. Uses relevant computer software required for the task.
    5. Demonstrates computer skills.
    1. Follows health and safety standards, practices, and procedures.
    2. Responds appropriately in emergency situations.
    3. Participates in emergency drills and training.
    4. Closely adheres to established standards for security practices and procedures.
    5. Identifies unsafe conditions and takes corrective action.
    1. Consistently attends entire class session or assigned work schedule.
    2. Returns promptly from scheduled breaks.
    3. Notifies instructor/supervisor if absence is unavoidable.
    4. Keeps appointments.
    5. Arrives at job/class every day, on time and ready to work.
    1. Maintains appropriate grooming and hygiene.
    2. Concentrates on assigned tasks.
    3. Is courteous at all times.
    4. Presents the image of an educated, self-confident individual.


The following are some of the courses that will provide assessment and artifacts for the Maintains Professional Skills and Attitudes Success Skill:

  • Job Search Techniques - (COMM1104)
  • Organizational Behavior - (PSYC1120)


The following are some of the co-curricular activities that will provide assessment and artifacts for the Maintains Professional Skills and Attitudes Success Skill.

  • Student Senate
  • Kappa Beta Delta
  • Smart Start Program
  • Study Abroad Program