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Student Code of Conduct Policies

Hocking College is committed to freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression in support of the Hocking College Strategic Plan and Mission Statement. In order to preserve these freedoms, as well as to maintain an environment supportive of all learning, Hocking College students are obligated to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Hocking College retains the authority to maintain order within the college community and to exclude those who are disruptive. Therefore, Hocking College reserves the right to discipline, suspend, or expel any student involved in activity that threatens to or disrupts the well being of the college and its community. Before action is taken, all due process rights will be respected through the judicial and appeal procedures. In cases where imminent danger may exist, the college reserves the right to intermittently suspend a student, pending a hearing.

The Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct shall supersede any existing disciplinary policies and procedures that are inconsistent with this document. Students are required to become familiar with the Code of Conduct and must comply with all stipulations therein.

Violations of any of these policies will be handled in accordance with the appropriate Hocking College procedures.