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Administrative Interim Suspension

When the actions of a student threaten the good order and discipline of the college, college administrators, the Provost may suspend the student on an interim basis, pursuant to Section 3345.24(B) of the Ohio Revised Code, pending a prompt hearing by a hearing board. The administrator alleging the inappropriate conduct will also determine whether the interimly suspended student may or may not remain on college property pending the completion of the hearing process.

If a decision is made to interimly suspend a student, the administrator managing the situation immediately notifies the student of the interim suspension and an upcoming procedural interview. The judicial process shall occur expeditiously in accordance with the Hocking College Student Code of Conduct.

If the final decision is to suspend or expel the student, the sanction takes effect from the date of the administrative interim suspension. If the decision is a reprimand or disciplinary probation, or if the charges are not proven, for purposes of the record, the interim suspension will be deemed not to have occurred. The student has the right to appeal the final decision in accordance with the established appeal process.