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Hearing Authorities

Hearing authorities are responsible for hearing cases involving alleged violations of the Hocking College Student Code of Conduct. The following are hearing authorities:

The Office of Community Standards & Equity Director

The Director of SRR&JA has the responsibility for hearing cases involving alleged violations of Code I and II offenses, of determining the merit of a referral, accepting student admissions regarding incident(s), and imposing sanctions. The Director of CS&E has responsibility to present facts, circumstances, and evidence before hearing boards. The Director of CS&E also has the responsibility to review incidents involving alleged violations and acts as advisor, to both the complainant and respondent in matters concerning code procedures.

Residential Housing Hearing Officers

Residential Housing hearing officers are responsible for hearing lower level code violations and offenses that occur on residential complexes. Residential Housing hearing officers include the Director of Residence Life and Housing, Coordinator of Residential Operations and Complex Hall Directors.

Hocking College Judicial Hearing Board

The Judicial Hearing Board has the authority to hear cases involving alleged violations of code offenses under the following circumstances:

  1. The Director of CS&E (or a designee) has determined that the nature of the alleged violation, the severity of the probable sanction(s), or the accused student's pattern of behavior warrants special attention.
  2. The accused student requests a hearing.
    Each hearing board is typically comprised of five (5) members. Hearings may be conducted with as few as three (3) board members. The Judicial Hearing Board shall be comprised of some, any, or all of the following individuals:
    • The Director of CS&E (or designee)
    • Director of Campus Safety (or designee)
    • Academic Administrator (or designee)
    • Student representative