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Procedural Interviews

Any student or student organization charged with an offense of the student code of conduct will first be scheduled a Procedural Interview with a hearing authority to review the allegation.

The accused student has the right to notification regarding the alleged offense and a Procedural Interview to respond to the charges. The notification will be hand, post or email delivered to the last address on file with the Registrar or delivered to the accused student while attending class. The notification will include a copy of the referral notice with facts pertinent to the violation. The date, time and location of the Procedural Interview will be included, as well.

The purpose of the Procedural Interview is to provide the accused student the opportunity to discuss the facts and circumstances that led to the referral. The Director of CS&E (or designee) will clarify the rights and options of the accused and describe a potential sanction for the violation.

The accused student must attend the Procedural Interview. If an accused student fails to appear at the first scheduled Procedural Interview, they will have 48 hours to contact the Director of CS&E (or designee) to reschedule their interview. Failure to contact the Director of CS&E or designee) within 48 hours will result in a determination being made in absentia. The accused will then receive written notification as to the final determination and be informed of any related sanctions.

At the Procedural Interview, the accused student may admit to alleged violations and have the Director of SRR&JA (or designee) impose sanctions or the student may deny the alleged violations. Admit to Violation is an admission to a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Denial of Violation is a rejection of the allegations of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and at this point the Director of CS&E (or designee) will consider the nature of the alleged offense, the severity of the probable sanction(s), and/or the accused person's pattern of behavior. A determination at the Procedural Interview may occur or the referral may proceed to a Judicial Hearing.