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Request for Bids: Questions and Answers

Below are questions that have been asked and answered for each referenced project

Project: (RLB 2015-01) Student Center Gymnasium Painting


How many coats of paint should be quoted for the Student Center Gymnasium Project?


  • Ceiling: One (1) coat of Dry Fall paint.
  • Walls: Two (2) coats of Epoxy paint from the floor up to the 8ft mark. Then one (1) coat from the 8ft mark to the ceiling.


Is this a prevailing wage job? Do prevailing wages need to be paid?


Per the Ohio Department of Commerce, as of 9/29/13 the "Reconstruction, enlargement, alteration, repair, remodeling, renovation, or painting" prevailing wage threshold is $75,000.

For More Information Contact
Tammy Eing