Beginning autumn semester of 2017, Hocking College is instituting a revised meal plan system in an effort to address the nationwide issue of food shortages on college and university campuses. Information on the revised plan can be found below.

Summer semester 2017 students will be required to purchase a $415 meal plan to be used by the end of summer semester.

Meal Plan Information

Student meal plans are loaded on the Hocking College IDs (Hawkcard). The Hawkcard can be swiped just like a debit card at the Hawk's Nest Dining Hall located on the second floor of John Light Hall.

Residential students are required to purchase a meal plan per semester. Each meal plan offers two spending options.

Option 1:
  • Students have a set number of meals per week as determined by the individual plan.
    Example: 19 meals per week or 14 meals per week.
    Meal options include:
    • Daily Feature Menu
    • Theme Feature Menu
    • Grill Combo Menu
    • Pizza Combo Menu
    • Salad Bar

Option 2:

  • "Hawk Bucks" can be spent on a la carte items, grab-and-go options, bottled drinks, packaged snacks, and dining at the college owned and operated restaurant Rhapsody. Hawk Bucks are included in the meal plan at no additional cost to the student!

Below are the two plans available to residential students. Plans are selected while completing your On-Campus Housing Application.

Autumn and Spring Semesters
Plan Cost Hawk Bucks * Value
19 meals per week $1520 $150 $1670
14 meals per week ** $1440 $100 $1540
Summer Semester ***
Plan Cost Hawk Bucks * Value
19 meals per week $1140 $115 $1255
14 meals per week ** $1080 $75 $1180
*Hawk Bucks are issued on a semester basis, not per week
**Minimum meal plan required for residential students
***Due to a shortened semester, summer rates for the meal plan are reduced but calculated at the same weekly rate as the autumn/spring 14 meals per week plan

Non-Residential Students

Campus dining is also available to our commuting students. Non-residential students are able to choose from the above meal plan options as well as one additional option below. Non-residential students interested in purchasing a meal plan should contact the Cashiers office to arrange for payment.

Weekly Camp Plans (for Smart Start and Athletic Camps)

Meal plans do not go in to effect until the Sunday before the semester begins. Students wishing to access meal plan outside of the normal academic calendar must purchase an additional weekly camp plan. Students attending athletic camps outside the academic semesters or Smart Start are strongly encouraged to purchase camp plans.

Camp Plans
Plan Cost Hawk Bucks * Value
10 meals per week $1520 $150 $1670
Weekly Camp Plan ** $105 - -
*Hawk Bucks are issued on a semester basis, not per week
**Weekly camp plan is only available outside of the academic calendar and provides 21 meals per week, Saturday through Sunday

Additional Information

  • Additional funds can be added to the Hawk Bucks at any time. Weekly meal allotments must be used by the end of day on Saturday. Meals not used for the week are not carried over to following weeks. Meal allotments begin on Sunday morning.
  • Students are permitted to use their meal swipes to pay for guests.
  • Students must be present to use their meal swipe.
  • Any balance left on the Hawk Bucks plan at the end of the current semester cannot be carried forward to the following semester.*
  • Students without a meal plan can either pay cash or use a debit/credit card in the dining hall.
  • Contact the Cashier's office to add funds or purchase a meal plan.
  • Financial Aid can be used to cover the cost of your meal plan
*It is important to only add the amount of funds that you think you will use to your Hawk Card plan. Any funds remaining at the end of the term will be lost!
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