The following are some items you'll want to consider bringing to make your room feel more like "home."

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Things for Your Room

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Sheets Pillows Mattress pad
Pillowcases Towels/Washcloths Alarm Clock with Battery Back-Up
Blankets Bedspread Coffee maker
Wastebasket Stereo/MP3 Player Area rugs
DVD/VCR Gaming Consoles Power strips and/or surge protectors
TV cable cords (coax cable) Grounded Extension Cords Duct tape
Desk Lamp Broom & Mop with Bucket Mirror
Thumb Tacks Small Book Shelves Posters/Pictures
TV Shower Curtain (North & Downhour halls only)

Things for You

Shower Bucket Safety Pins Sewing Kit
Plastic Baggies Shower Shoes Hair Dryer
First Aid Kit Cooking Utensils Pots & Pans
Laundry Supplies Umbrella Medicine
Sleeping Bag Quarters (laundry) Flashlight
Batteries Paper Towels Dishes
Cups/Glasses Storage Tubs Toothbrush/Paste
Bathrobe Bike/Bike Lock Personal Hygiene Products
Cleaning Supplies

Things for School

Notepad Calendar Paperclips
Folders/Binders Stapler/Staples Rubber Bands
Pens/Pencils Computer & Supplies Bulletin Board
Sharpies USB/Flash Drive Tape
Scissors Ruler Backpack
Stamps Envelopes Dictionary
Dry Erase Board Highlighters
Print Directions
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