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Policy Title Department
Conflict of Interest Administrative Services
Sexual Harassment Administrative Services-HR
Parking Policy Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Administrative Services
Due Process (Non-Bargaining Unit Employees) Administrative Services
Academic Freedom Academic & Student Affairs
Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology Resources IT
Accreditation Academic & Student Affairs
Alternative Retirement Plan Administrative Services
At-Will Employment Administrative Services-HR
Attendance Policy Administrative Services-HR
Authority to Hire Fiscal/Human Resources
Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT): Health & Safety Academic & Student Affairs
Bloodborne Pathogens Administrative Services
Budgets-Departmental Responsibilities Fiscal Operations
Cash and Investments Fiscal Operations
Children on Campus Administrative Services
Communicable Disease & Infection Control Administrative Services
Credit Card- College Issued Fiscal Operations
Criteria for becoming a school within the College Academic & Student Affairs
Directory Information Administrative Services-HR
Discipline (Progressive) Administrative Services
Drug & Alcohol Parent/Guardian Notification Academic & Student Affairs
Emergency Notification and Timely Warning Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Emergency Rsponse and Campus Disorder Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Employee Code of Conduct Administrative Services-HR
Equal Employment for Individuals with Disabilities Administrative Services-HR
Equal Employment Opportunity & Non-Discrimination Administrative Services-HR
Exceptions to College Policies Administrative Services
Facility & Land Use Administrative Services
Faculty/Staff Relations with and Sexual Harassment of Students Administrative Services-HR
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Academic & Student Affairs
Family Medical Leave Act -FMLA Administrative Services-HR
Felony Convictions On-Campus Housing Academic and Student Affairs
Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Policy Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Fleet Fiscal Policy Administrative Services- Fleet
Fleet Operations Administrative Services- Fleet
Health Insurance Protability and Accountability Act Administrative Services-HR
Hocking College Student Code of Conduct Academic & Student Affairs
IT Security and Operational Policy IT
Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Key & Lock Administrative Services- Facilities
Liability Coverage Administrative Services
Media Policy Administrative Services- Marketing
Missing Residential Student Policy Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Nepotism Policy Administrative Services-HR
Open Enrollment Academic & Student Affairs
Parking Permit Administrative Services
Personal Appearance Administrative Services-HR
Professional Development (Attendance at Professional Meetings Administrative Services/Academic and Student Affairs
Reasonable Accommodations for Students Academic and Student Affairs/Administrative Services
Records Retention College Policies
Research Participation/Institutional Review Board Academic & Student Affairs
Social Security Number Privacy Policy Academic and Student Affairs/Administrative Services/IT
Surplus Disposal Policy Administrative Services
Tobacco Free Campus Administrative Services
Use of Mobility Devices Administrative Services
Verification of Student Identity in Online Learning Policy IT
Workplace, Sexual Harassment and Civility Policy Administrative Services-HR
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