Policy Department: Administrative Services- HC Police Dept
Policy Number: 44.002
Issue Date: 03/28/1995
Revised Date(s): 02/10/2011
Board Resolution: 1995-0
Policy Document(s):
Policy Statement:

In its efforts to maintain safety and security for the students, employees, and visitors to the Hocking College Nelsonville and regional campuses, the College maintains parking and traffic regulations. These rules delineate prohibitions of parking and traffic, establish a fine and penalty schedule for violation of such prohibitions, and establish an appeal process for citations issued for violations of parking and traffic regulations enacted regarding parking and traffic enforcement. Further, the enforcement of motor vehicle parking and traffic statutes, rules and regulations pursuant to the direction and authority contained in Chapter 3345 of the Ohio Revised code rests solely with the Hocking College Department of Campus Safety through the Director of Campus Safety and those others the director may employ or direct to enforce said rules and regulations.


Cross Reference:  Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3345

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