Policy Department: Administrative Services-HR
Policy Number: 46.002
Issue Date: 01/01/1968
Revised Date(s): 12/03/2010
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Policy Statement:

The purpose of this policy is to inform all employees that they are to project a clean and professional personal appearance. A professional appearance is one that contributes to our values and to a positive, respectful and safe environment for students, employees and the public. The College recognizes that different applications of this policy may be necessary depending on the degree of public contact, nature of work and safety issues. Therefore, this policy provides only general guidance. The final decision as to what constitutes appropriate professional appearance is the responsibility of the Dean, Director and/or Vice‐President of the respective department.

There are three reasons for implementing workplace attire guidelines:

  • to ensure safety while working;
  • to present or create a professional or identifiable appearance for students, co‐workers, visitors, or the public; and
  • to promote a positive working environment and limit distractions caused by provocative or inappropriate dress.

Employees who choose to wear fragrances in the workplace are highly encouraged to be aware of the
sensitivities or allergies of their co‐workers.

Individual departments have the authority to define appropriate professional dress standards for their
employees. Some positions may require employees to wear special clothing or uniforms.

Should an employee be requested to return home to change into acceptable attire, accrued annual
leave will be used to offset the employee's absence. Should no accrued annual leave be available, the
employee will not be paid for the time taken to change clothing and return. Repeated violations of this
policy could be cause for disciplinary action.

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