Policy Department: Administrative Services- Fleet
Policy Number: 29.001
Issue Date: 02/09/2012
Revised Date(s):
Board Resolution: -0
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Policy Statement:

Licensable college owned vehicles are available for use in support of the mission of Hocking College and are classified as either general fleet or department vehicles, depending on the use and purpose. Regardless of a vehicle’s classification, the fleet technician is responsible for overseeing the service and repair of all vehicles; determining maintenance schedules and inspections of all vehicles; replacement needs and purchase requirements for all vehicles; and disposal of all vehicles. In addition, the fleet technician makes the final determination on the safety and viability of all vehicles, including purchase decisions, and has the right to remove any vehicle from service when deemed necessary after inspection.

Any eligible Hocking College community member for official college business, usually on a trip-by-trip basis, can lease available general fleet vehicles. Lease costs will be charged to the department of the lessee. Lease revenues will be used to help fund general fleet vehicle support, including operating costs, non‐insured repairs and maintenance, and vehicle replacement.

Department vehicles are assigned to individual departments for official college business pertinent to that department. The user department oversees the use of its assigned vehicle(s) in accordance with all other guidelines of the Fleet Operation policy. In addition, the user department is responsible for working with the fleet technician to ensure timely maintenance, service, and replacement of its department vehicles. The user department’s budget is the funding source for vehicle support for all its departmentally assigned vehicles, including non‐insured repairs and maintenance (parts) and vehicle replacement.

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