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Online Military Education ATS Degree Programs

Hocking College's 14 Military-specific degree options include the following:

Associate of Technical Study Programs ARMY MOS
Accounting in Military Science 44C
Business in Military Science 79R, 79T, GENERAL RELATED MOS, ALL SOLDIERS
Human Resources and Military Science 42A, 79R, 79T, (READINESS NCO, 1SG, SGM, CSM)
Logistics Supply and Military Science 88N, 92A, 92Y
Construction Management in Military Science - Carpentry 21W
Construction Management in Military Science - HVAC 52C
Construction Management in Military Science - Electrical 21R
Construction Management in Military Science - Plumbing 21K
Construction Management in Military Science - Sheet Metal 44B
Fire Management and Military Science 21M
Military Emergency Medical Services 68W
Military Food Service Management 68M, 92G
Military Network Systems Management 25B, 25F, 25Y
Military Police Science Management 31B, 31D, 31E

Of course, you can pursue any degree for which you are eligible (many degrees have MOS requirements), but once we receive your military and civilian training transcripts, we can provide you the shortest route to your Associate Degree based upon the Credit by Advanced Standing (CA) that we are able to award you.

Course Requirements

The number of courses you will be required to complete for each degree will be determined by your past experiences and how much CA we will be able to award you. Each Servicemember will be evaluated on his or her own background and merits. The minimum course load for an Associate Degree is 10 semester hours. Some Servicemembers have completed their entire degree program and graduated within six weeks. This is not typical, but it is an indicator of how fast you can finish if you want to apply yourself and your experience.

Online Format

Classes you complete at Hocking College are online, incorporating a combination of correspondence courses and Hocking College online courses to complete your degree objectives.

You can take classes when and where they are most convenient to you. Our instructors and staff are extremely military-friendly and will work with you on scheduling issues and flexibility.

Completing Your Degree

You control the pace to complete your degree. You can enroll in one class, or you as many as you choose. We will provide guidance and make recommendations, but you are in control in this area. From the time you enroll in a class, you have exactly four months to complete it.

Online Military Transcript Services

In order to receive an official transcript, you must complete MSC 1251 and AT LEAST one other graded course with a passing grade. Transcript requests must be made through Mike Belcher at In the request, be sure to include your full name, last four digits of your Social Security number, and the name and complete address of the individual(s) that you would like to receive it. A confirmation email will be sent back to you letting you know that your request has been received.

Online Military Education
Kenneth Teter
Coordinator, Military and Veterans Services
3301 Hocking Parkway
Nelsonville, Ohio 45764