Fri, Jul 1st, 2011
Students on the Hocking College Dean’s List must have earned at least a 3.3 grade point average (GPA) and be taking at least 12 credit hours. The following students have met these requirements and have been awarded this honor for the 2011 Spring Quarter:

Miguel Abad of West Chester, Amanda Abernathy of Shawnee, Anthony Adami of The Plains, Ashley Adams of Bremen, Boyd Adams of Glouster, Nicholas Adams of Racine, James Adkins of Nelsonville, Martha Adkins of Somerset, Amanda Agosta of Millersport, Rodrigo Aguilar of Ewa Beach, Amanda Ailiff of Haydenville, Bryan Alexander of Corning, Robert Alexander of Crooksville, Ryan Alexander of Loveland, Natasha Alfman of Crooksville, Christopher Aliff of Somerset, Dawn Allen of Orient, Deanna Allen of New Lexington, Kathy Allen of Lancaster, Renee Allen of Middletown, April Almond of Nelsonville, Jordan Alphin of Circleville, Khader Alshaar of Athens, Seth Amyx of Greenfield, Margaret Anderson of Logan, Donald Andreen of Groveport, Amanda Andrews of Glouster, Nicole Andrus of Albany, Kelby Antill of Cameron, Brad Arnold of Chillicothe, Connie Arthur of Jackson, Grant Arthur of Columbus, Seth Ayers of Canal Winchester, Mary Azbell of Somerset, Helen Baako of Reynoldsburg, Trayvon Babbs of Columbus, Samantha Bachelder of Mansfield, Ann Bachmann of Logan, Jacob Backus of Logan, Cathy Baden of Nelsonville, Vicky Baer of Racine, Martin Bailey of The Plains, Lydia Baird of Chardon, Kati Baker of Athens, Patrick Balding of Athens, Belinda Baldwin of Albany, Jenna Barber of Logan, Colton Barnhart of Somerset, Jacob Barone of Nelsonville, Jacob Barrows of Nelsonville, James Bartow of Logan, Zach Bateman of Nelsonville, Daniel Bausch of Columbus, Bethanie Beam of Chillicothe, Angela Beatty of Reynoldsburg, Edward Beatty of Glouster, Jaron Beck of Vanlue, Ryan Beegle of Racine, Samuel Beeler of Waverly, Kyle Behnfeldt of Malinta, Abigail Benedetti of Circleville, Michael Benedetti of Circleville, Katherine Berardi of Athens, Eric Berendsen of Fort Thomas, Brock Bergman of Athens, Sandra Berry of New Lexington, Benjamin Bibee of Athens, Theodore Bibler of Albany, Robert Biddlestone of Freeport, Kyle Bigham of Lancaster, Bonnie Bird of Sugar Grove, Matthew Birkofer of Cincinnati, Josh Bishop of Shiloh, Michael Blackburn of Orient, Carly Blackmar of Manitou Beach, Kathryn Blake of Athens, Tiffani Blake of Junction City, Christopher Blankenship of West Portsmouth, Timothy Blankenship of Orient, Holly Blazer of Lancaster, Kaitlyn Blessing of Cincinnati, Kyle Blust of Cincinnati, Ryan Bok of Antwerp, Ashley Bollon of Pleasantville, Stormy Bonea of Amelia, Lacey Bonkowski of Athens, Joshua Boone of Parkersburg, Alexander Bosserman of Lancaster, Jason Bouillon of New Riegel, Justin Bowers of Somerville, Carrie Bowlby of Logan, Leah Bowman of Greenwood, Elizabeth Brady of New Lexington, Jason Brady of Ravenna, Thurman Braglin of New Lexington, John Brandon of Orient, Daisha Bright of Woodsfield, Phillip Brinkley of Albany, Lara Brooks of Bremen, Tabitha Brower of Vincent, Bethany Brown of Pandora, Michael Brown of Bidwell, Brandon Bruce of Athens, Benjamin Brunsman of Rock Creek, Cynthia Brunty of Nelsonville, Lashawnda Bryson of Columbus, Susan Buchanan of Racine, Anna Buckalew of Athens, Richard Bundock of New Lexington, Nicholas Bundy of Elkton, Alexandria Burchwell of Chillicothe, Katey Burgess of Athens, Paige Burley of Jeromesville, Timothy Burnette of Gallipolis, Morgan Burt of Pomeroy, Cortney Butcher of Jackson, Ronald Butcher of Jackson, Jamie Butt of Wellston, April Butterworth of Albany, Amber Cadle of Vinton, Ericka Calaway of Coolville, Annemarie Calhoun of Pataskala, Loron Calloway of Lancaster, Joseph Canale of Bremen, Lisa Canode of The Plains, Jess Canter of Athens, Rebecca Canter of New Straitsville, Brandon Carey of Mansfield, Danielle Carey of Washington Court House, Christina Carpenter of Logan, Cole Carpenter of Pickerington, Nathan Carpenter of Wilmington, Seth Carpenter of Wilmington, Mindy Carsey of Athens, Kathryne Cartee of Kingston, Tayler Carter of Milford, Tess Cassady of Logan, Damon Castle of Logan, Earl Castle of Springboro, Brittany Casto of Racine, Matthew Caton of Mc Connelsville, James Chambers of Apple Creek, Lyndsey Chandler of Logan, Andrew Chapman of Dalton, Charles Chapski of Springfield, Nikaya Chausmer of Cincinnati, Daniel Checovich of Brunswick, Lei Chen, Daryn Cherry of Crestline, Richard Cherry of Wooster, Jae Hyuk Choi of Nelsonville, Kimberly Christman of Somerset, Anthony Clark of Cincinnati, Brittany Clark of Nelsonville, Jerica Clark of Middleport, Rachel Clark of Bellefontaine, Nicholas Claus of Wooster, Jessica Clay of Nelsonville, Jessica Cochran of Albany, John Coffeen of Nelsonville, Mark Cole of The Plains, Sarah Cole of Athens, Tyler Cole of Lancaster, Carla Coleman of Glouster, Nicholas Collins of Baltimore, Savanna Colvin of New Straitsville, Carol Combs of Sugar Grove, James Combs of Orient, Melissa Combs of Racine, Brooke Compton of Nelsonville, Chris Conklin of South Bloomingville, Gregory Conklin of Barberton, Donald Conley of New Plymouth, Hannah Connell of Bremen, Beth Cooke of Logan, Aaron Coons of Versailles, Amanda Cordingley of Athens, John Corliss of Athens, Ryan Corriveau of Point Pleasant, Hillary Cost of Galloway, Denver Cotterill of Lancaster, Joshua Cotterman of Springfield, Alyssa Couch of Cincinnati, Destany Cox of Nelsonville, Crystal Crabtree of Amanda, Joseph Crabtree of Logan, Dorothy Cradlebaugh of McArthur, Tabitha Craft of Sycamore, Kristen Craig of Nelsonville, Shawnee Crane of Howard, Rodney Cremeans of Coolville, Amanda Cresanto of Youngstown, John Crook of Lancaster, Mary Crooks of Jackson, Amie Cunningham of Plymouth, Lydia Cunningham of Glouster, Mary Curran of Zanesville, Edward Daniel of Roseville, Shannon Danielson of Roseville, Virginia Daubenmire of Nelsonville, Elizabeth Davidson of Bidwell, Elise Davis of Apple Creek, Julie Davis of Logan, Mark Davis of Circleville, Richard Davis of Parkersburg, Scott Dawley of Nelsonville, Stoney Day of Pomeroy, Jimmy Deal of Zaleski, Amber Deardorff of Athens, Sarah Deaver of Shawnee, John Deblo of Johnstown, Olivia DeLaval of Athens, Zabrina Dempsey of Glouster, Ryan Dengate of Macedonia, Kevin Denner of McArthur, Blake Dennis of Athens, Bonnie Dennis of New Lexington, Carol Densmore of Somerset, Charles Dexter of Albany, Simon Diki of The Plains, Chad Dillon of Nelsonville, Adam Ditmer of Nelsonville, Kateryna Dolgachova of Lancaster, Melissa Donahue of Logan, Jeffrey Donaldson of Rockbridge, Ryan Donnelly of Albany, Megan Dowler of Powell, Misty Dowler of Chauncey, Diana Downard of Hamden, Jacqueline Downs of Cincinnati, Charli Doyle of Athens, Richard Drake of Glouster, Sara Dresbach of Chillicothe, Esther Drivdahl of Heath, Carl Dudte of Ashland, David Duncan of Orient, Justin Dunkle of Zanesville, Jean Dunnington of Logan, Monique Dunson of Nelsonville, John Dyer of Bainbridge, Kasondra Ebersole of Bryan, Ethan Eckstein of Nelsonville, Daniel Edwards of Nelsonville, Gary Edwards of Nelsonville, Patrick Edwards of New Straitsville, Allison Egger of Logan, Ryan Elam of Chillicothe, Shaun Elam of Pataskala, Kari Eldridge of Athens, Emily Elliott of Nelsonville, Jessica Elliott of Albany, Kendra Elliott of Logan, Stephanie Ely of Baltic, Michelle Enman of Sussex, Marilu Enterline of Middleport, Genesis Espana of Nelsonville, Emily Estes of Athens, Jessica Etter of Marietta, Charlotte Evans of McArthur, Lindsey Evans of Lancaster, Samuel Evans of Racine, Adam Fabian of Medina, Brandon Fagan of Logan, Darrin Faires of Glouster, Jeremy Faires of Glouster, Ashley Fehlig of Canton, Bryan Feicht of Fredericktown, Monica Fenner of Batavia, Cheyney Fenwick of Wellston, Nathan Fenwick of Wellston, Christopher Fetherolf of Canal Winchester, Christopher Fischer of Dayton, Erinn Fisher of Cincinnati, Megan Fisher of Nelsonville, Matthew Fitzpatrick of Cincinnati, Laura Fletcher of Athens, Camilla Flinn of Belpre, Michael Flinta of Hilliard, Brandon Follrod of Athens, Shawn Ford of Lancaster, Nicolas Fosson of Waverly, Christian Foster of London, Trevor Foust of Huron, Morgan Fouts of Glouster, Christina Fox of Somerset, Frank Fox of Orient, Sarah Frame of Somerset, Chris Frazier of Orient, Joseph Frazier of Nelsonville, Brian Freeland of Bremen, Crystal Freeman of New Lexington, Peter Friedman of Cincinnati, Jonathan Friend of Cleves, Mindy Frische of Nelsonville, Samantha Fritsche of Somerset, Ralph Frost of The Plains, Sonja Frost of Albany, Brooke Frusher of Columbus, Timothy Funk of Thornville, Kyle Gabbard of Junction City, Brian Gadd of Cincinnati, Kenneth Gambrel of The Plains, Christopher Gardner of Milford, Blake Garman of Saint Henry, Megan Garrett of Stoutsville, Alexander Gartner of Athens, Johnathan Geiger of Logan, Teresa George of Circleville, Denise Gerlach of New Haven, Paige Gerlach of New Haven, Tiffany Gifford of Glouster, Cherokee Gilkey of Wellston, Cody Gill of Crooksville, Tylor Gillette of Albany, Autumn Givens of Little Hocking, Kevin Goff of Tuppers Plains, Tamy Goff of Cincinnati, Candace Goines of Lancaster, Trent Goins of Zanesville, Katy Gomez de le Barra of Athens, Jerri Goodlin of Logan, Nickolas Goodman of Fresno, Morgan Gornall of Bremen, Holly Goss of Rockbridge, Heather Gould of Athens, Joshua Granado of Honolulu, Cassie Grause of Cincinnati, Rachel Gray of Rockbridge, Brittany Green of Mount Sterling, Kari Green of Thornville, Cory Greene of North Royalton, Troy Gregorino of Athens, Nickolas Griggs of New Lexington, Brianna Grimes of Jackson, Greg Grimm of Millfield, Stacie Gross of New Plymouth, Tisha Grove of Logan, Grant Guda of Athens, Aaron Gullett of Reynoldsburg, Alexavier Guzman of Nelsonville, Collin Hagen of Holgate, Emily Haines of Amanda, Kathleen Hall of Albany, Stanley Hall of Orient, Jennica Haller of Columbus, David Hamilton of Washington Court House, Roger Hamm of Logan, Sierra Hammel of Reynoldsburg, Jason Hammer of Crooksville, Wayne Haning of Athens, Kimberly Hankinson of Junction City, Rebecca Hankinson of New Lexington, Timothy Hanna of Glouster, Kayla Hanning of Carbon Hill, Amanda Hardy of Glouster, Nelson Harper of Findley Lake, Jillian Harris of Logan, Robert Harris of Letart, Christopher Hartley of Laurelville, Amber Harvey of Canton, Micah Haseman of Napoleon, Jessica Haven of New Lexington, Stephanie Haybron of Logan, Sean Hayes of Galloway, Olivia Hayman of Nelsonville, Tiffany Hayman of Thornville, Mark Hazel of Lancaster, Garrett Heasley of Dayton, Johnna Hebb of Lancaster, Adam Heckman of Orient, Kristen Heft of Logan, Chelsea Heise of Amanda, Isaac Heiser of Fostoria, Andrew Hendricks of Alvada, Toby Henery of Nelsonville, Olivia Hensler of Guysville, Michael Heropulos of APO, Shane Hess of Albany, Robert Hessler of Milford, Curtis Hightower of Dresden, Nick Hilborn of Painesville, Kurtis Hill of Lancaster, Chandera Hinton of Circleville, Joshua Hinty of Wellston, Nicole Hittner of Lewis Center, Spencer Hobson of Nelsonville, Katie Hofstetter of Chardon, Melissa Holbrook of Lancaster, Jennifer Holcomb of Millersburg, Corby Holowell of Lancaster, Bobbie Holstein of New Lexington, Alecia Hook of Nelsonville, Carla Hopton of Racine, Damon Horn of Piketon, Patricia Horn of Haydenville, Haley Horton of Logan, Natalie Horvath of Dayton, Nickolas Hosley of Nelsonville, Dalton Hosom of Zanesville, Richard Hovatter of Ashland, Everette Howard of Cincinnati, Roni Howery of Albany, Russell Hudson of Middletown, Jonathan Hull of Chillicothe, Britney Hunt of Gallipolis, John Hunt of South Charleston, Sibyl Hunter of Millfield, Darin Hupp of Amanda, Jeremy Hurlburt of South Bloomingville, Elmer Hurley of Athens, Jillian Hutchinson of New Lexington, Ashlynn Igel of Cincinnati, Justin Inman of Nelsonville, Madge Irvin of Crooksville, Ryan Jacob of Sidney, Jessica Jago of Lancaster, Alusine Jalloh of Orient, Sean Jasper of Athens, Austin Jenkins of Jackson, John Jenkins of Pleasantville, Kimberly Jenkins of Albany, Billy Johnson of Bidwell, Brandon Johnson of The Plains, Cierra Johnson of Cincinnati, Jacob Johnson of Chillicothe, Jennifer Johnson of New Lexington, Julianne Johnson of Olmstead Falls, Karina Johnson of Logan, Randall Johnson of Chillicothe, Amy Johnston of Laurelville, Krystal Johnston of Lancaster, Suzanne Johnston of Dillsboro, Michael Jonas of Nelsonville, Jacob Jones of Thornville, Jason Jones of Bradford, Leah Jones of Marion, Matthew Jordan of Millfield, Sharon Joseph of Thornville, Shelby Justus of Circleville, Tracey Kelly of Athens, Michael Keney of Pomeroy, Emily Kennard of Rockbridge, Jennifer Kennedy of Stockport, Stacey Kennedy of Lancaster, Pete Kerber of Albany, Keegan Kerr of Bloomville, Bernice Kersell of Logan, David Kidwell of Glenford, Christopher Kilgore of Logan, Kyle Kilmer of The Plains, Gatha King of Shade, Herbert King of Waverly, Tyler King of Wellston, Madeleine Kingsfield of Forestville, Charles Kinnaird of Point Pleasant, Kaitlin Kirkendall of Wellston, Lance Kirkpatrick of Zanesville, Charles Klinefelter of West Salem, Megan Kloss of Loveland, Tonya Kness of Lancaster, Melissa Knight of New Marshfield, Brianna Knisley of New Vienna, Caroline Knorr of Barberton, Nicholas Knott of Lancaster, Nicole Knott of Logan, Liam Knox of Nelsonville, Andrew Koontz of Lancaster, Erin Kornmiller of Athens, Anthony Kosan of Athens, Larissa Koska of Glouster, Abigail Kuhn of Nelsonville, John Kulchar of Athens, Tyler Kulikowski of Columbus, Carley Kunkler of Junction City, Justin Kurtz of Nelsonville, Jessica Laferty of McArthur, Tami Landis of Canal Winchester, Joseph Landwehr of Townsend, Sarah Lang of Crooksville, Jeffrey Lange of Dublin, James Lanning of Gahanna, Dustin Lansing of Lancaster, Travis Lautenschlager of Nelsonville, Alicia Lawhorn of Nelsonville, Kevin Lawrence of Athens, Renita Leach of Crooksville, Adam Leadingham of Spring Valley, Russell Leaman of Amelia, Christopher Lee of Athens, Sonja Lee of Pomeroy, Douglas Legg of Chillicothe, Andrew Leiterman of Laurelville, Charity Lelux of Athens, Michael Lemerand of The Plains, Anthony Lemle of Bowling Green, Frankie Lent of Glouster, Jesus Leon of Nelsonville, Jose Leon of Nelsonville, Walter Leonard of Zanesville, Waylina Leonard of Logan, Daryl Lester of Canal Winchester, Stephen Lettau of Youngstown, Brett Lewis of Athens, Corwin Lewis of Pataskala, Matt Linden of Athens, Teresa Linehan of Lancaster, Dayne Linhart of Louisville, Crystal Link of Pleasantville, Jillian Linman of Carroll, Kaitlyn Lipka of Lancaster, Duanyi Liu of Nelsonville, Yuming Liu of Athens, Warren Locke of Athens, Karen Lodwick of Ravenswood, Lisa Loy of Nelsonville, Leonard Luikart of Harpster, Bryan Lutz of Athens, Stacy Lyons of Cheshire, Zubery Majid of Nelsonville, Ian Malachai of Carroll, Brandy Malone of Lancaster, Laura Mancuso of Sugar Grove, Matthew Mariano of Oregon, Stacie Markin of Union Furnace, Dana Markley of West Lafayette, Luis Marquez of Nelsonville, Ryan Marshall of Logan, Ethan Marstella of Newark, Amber Martin of Nelsonville, Scott Martin of Grove City, Larissa Mash of Albany, Jessica Masters of Toledo, Stacy Mathias of Logan, Miriah Mathys of West Mansfield, Dale Mattox of Beaver, Brittanie Mauntel of Harrison, Jeremy Mayer of Athens, Julie Mayle of Bartlett, Selena Maynard of Nelsonville, Carrie Mays of Coolville, Janie McCarthy of Logan, Rick McChristian of Nelsonville, Patrick McClellan of Lancaster, Robert McClister of Nelsonville, Rachel McClung of Washington, Steven McClure of Orient, Nashlie McCown of Glouster, Natalie McCown of Chauncey, Carolyn McCoy of Nelsonville, Michael McCoy of New Lexington, Pamela McCoy of New Lexington, Michelle McCrady of Junction City, Bryan McCray of Lancaster, Morgan McCune of Nelsonville, Kristin McCutcheon of Marietta, Courtney McEntire of Columbus, Jerry McGaha of Columbus, Patrick McGann of Hudson, Zachary McGove of Ray, Evanne McGraw of Canal Winchester, Ryan McGuire of Nelsonville, Whitney McKinley of Athens, Jennifer McLain of Gallipolis, Heather McLeod of Cincinnati, Courtney McManus of Nelsonville, Jacob McMillen of Nelsonville, Danielle McNeish of New Lexington, Susan McQuian of Somerset, Matthew Mefford of Dayton, Megan Mesaros of Glouster, Shane Meyer of Rockbridge, Emily Meyers of Loveland, James Meyers of Pedro, Curtis Middaugh of Junction City, Allie Miller of McArthur, Amber Miller of Athens, Charles Miller of Nelsonville, Jessica Miller of Nelsonville, Jordan Miller of Bidwell, Mia Miller of Athens, Traci Miller of Logan, Thomas Milliken of Vinton, Alisha Mills of Chauncey, Joseph Mills of Canton, Gloria Milner of Athens, Jacob Milstead of Logan, Jessica Milton of Springfield, Joseph Mitch of Springfield, Brandon Mitchell of Crooksville, Jadee Mitchell of Logan, Sara Mitchell of Nelsonville, Jesse Mitten of Chillicothe, Emily Moegling of Nelsonville, Joy Mohelski of Nelsonville, Jonathan Mohr of Toledo, Brett Moler of New Straitsville, Shelby Monroe of Peebles, John Montgomery of Columbus, Katrina Moody of Glouster, Stephanie Moone of Amesville, Amanda Moore of Laurelville, Brandi Moore of Nelsonville, Roger Moore of Laurelville, Roy Moore of Harrodsburg, Sean Moore of Zaleski, Virginia Moore of The Plains, Clay Morgan of Logan, John Morgan of Wellston, Vicki Morgan of New Lexington, William Morgan of Zaleski, Seth Moritz of Logan, Bryce Morris of Leesburg, Charles Morris of Lancaster, David Morrow of North Lewisburg, Coty Motter of Pioneer, Jessica Mount of Nelsonville, Patricia Mounts of Lancaster, Jesse Mowery of Pomeroy, Kara Moyer of Bremen, Michael Muhn of Athens, Jeffrey Murdock of Lancaster, Kayla Music of Loveland, Nicole Musick of Pickerington, Jeffery Myers of Bellville, Megan Neal of Nelsonville, Nathan Neal of Guysville, Katelyn Neighbarger of Nelsonville, Amanda Neighborgall of Lancaster, Jessica Nelson of Albany, Cainan Newell of Lancaster, Kayla Newell of Cutler, Rachel Newlun of Nelsonville, Kristi Newman of Peebles, William Newton of McArthur, Amanda Nichols of Canton, Latasha Niggemeyer of Athens, Carol Nihizer of Nelsonville, Hannah Nikolaus of Nelsonville, Jason Noland of Glouster, Lisa Norman of Athens, Shariah Nungesser of Bremen, Katie Nye of Lancaster, Larry Nye of Logan, Andrew O’Bryant of Pomeroy, Thomas O’Hara of Dayton, Theresa Ogg of Somerset, Christopher Olp of Mentor, Charles Orr of Chillicothe, Barbara Orsborne of Trimble, Ashley Osborne of Albany, Samantha Owen of Nelsonville, Holly Owen of Nelsonville, Chad Paben of Maumee, Brandon Pack of Albany, Joseph Palinkas of Painesville, Cindy Parker of Rutland, Kali Parr of Thornville, Jason Parrett of Cedarville, Whitney Parsons of Chesterhill, Katie Pasco of Circleville, Kristen Patterson of Nelsonville, Jessica Pawloski of Beverly, Angela Peck of Covington, Brittany Pelfrey of Bucyrus, Ledy Perez of Athens, Stephanie Perry of Roseville, Steven Peters of Circleville, Amber Phillips of Albany, Kyle Phillips of Cleveland, Lisa Phillips of Crooksville, Dee Pickens of Powhatan Point, Patrick Piecynski of New Concord, Joshua Pierce of Carroll, Jonathan Piergies-Kremer of Englewood, Tim Pietro of Dillonvale, Troy Pingle of New Lexington, Matthew Plotner of Nelsonville, Linda Plummer of Albany, Richard Plummer of Albany, Kyle Plunkett of Fairfield, Massina Poe of Lancaster, Katlynne Poling of Logan, Scott Poling of Crooksville, Tim Poling of New Marshfield, Daniel Pollard of Albany, Jennifer Polly of New Straitsville, Hannah Porter of Canal Winchester, Michael Postle of The Plains, Hope Powell of Crooksville, Jessica Prince of Fairfield, Matthew Pritchard of Circleville, Donnell Proctor of Columbus, Todd Pruitt of Athens, Caylin Pugh of Athens, Thomas Pysher of Hubbard, Ryan Quillin of Port Washington, Tamas Racz of Athens, LaMira Radcliff of Columbus, Jessica Ralph of Mansfield, Anthony Ranfos of Frankfort, Todd Ransom of Zanesville, Melissa Rapp of The Plains, Charles Rasnick of Lancaster, Melinda Raver of Baltimore, Mary Rayen of Columbus, Katie Rea of Corning, Kelly Rebecca of Coolville, Aaron Reed of Middletown, Ashley Reed of Corning, Benjamin Reed of Marietta, Michael Reed of Nelsonville, Cleveland Reese of Cincinnati, Claire Reich of Proctorville, April Renko of Nelsonville, Heather Rice of Nelsonville, Tiffany Rice of New Marshfield, Amanda Richards of Logan, Abigail Richardson of Cincinnati, Bernel Richardson of Nelsonville, Devon Richmond of Glouster, Holly Richmond of Albany, Kyle Ridenour of Canal Fulton, Jerry Riffle of Somerset, Kathryn Riffle of Somerset, Leanne Riffle of Cincinnati, Christopher Riley of Amesville, Kelly Riley of Roseville, Erin Rittenour of Bucyrus, Shannon Robinson of Galloway, Jose Robles of El Paso, Tiffany Roe of McArthur, Anthony Rogers of Lancaster, Andrew Rollins of Crooksville, Ethan Romine of Bremen, Carissa Rose of Nelsonville, Zina Rose of Coolville, Amanda Ross of Lancaster, Elizabeth Rosser of Toledo, Scott Roush of Haydenville, Erica Rozenfields of Highland Lakes, Kaylee Ruff of Logan, Rose Rung of Troy, Leslie Rupe of New Straitsville, Daniel Rusler of Thornville, Mark Russell of Nelsonville, Samantha Russell of Chauncey, Timothy Russell of Guysville, James Rust of Cincinnati, Kasie Ruth of Athens, Kenika Rutherford of Cincinnati, Ashlie Ryan of Anderson, Clayton Ryan of Nashport, Jamie Saaty of Logan, Karwan Saaty of Logan, April Saddler of Albany, Ashley Samar of Nelsonville, Stephanie Sands of New Lexington, Jedidiah Sauder of Mansfield, Jessica Sayger of Marietta, Stephen Scarberry of Pomeroy, Emily Schaad of Stockport, Jordan Scheidt of Ohio City, Mark Schemmel of Saint Marys, Alex Schermacher of Shade, Emma Schmeltzer of Logan, Jessica Schmitt of Nelsonville, Matthew Shoeppner of Nelsonville, Kenny Schooley of Uniontown, Tonie Schrader of Logan, Trevor Schrader of Wahiawa, Heidi Schwab of Port Washington, John Schwartz of Avon, Danielle Schweikert of Lancaster, Ryan Scott of Athens, Sharon Scott of Logan, Brandon Seigel of Nelsonville, Ben Selander of Athens, Whitney Selby of Lancaster, Jessica Sergent of Middletown, Kimberly Sharp of Nelsonville, Stacie Sharpe of Albany, Mark Shaver of Buchtel, Timothy Sheals of Tipp City, Joseph Shiller of Athens, Dana Shipley of New Lexington, Aaron Shoemaker of Chillicothe, Guy Shonborn of Glouster, Michael Shook of Reedsville, Ryan Shreve of Chillicothe, Tyler Shreves of New Lexington, Adam Shriner of Bremen, David Shuler of Gallipolis, Luke Siebeneck of Sylvania, David Siesel of Castalia, Bryant Sigler of Rushville, Jerry Sims of Port Hueneme, Dana Sinift of Nelsonville, Scott Skeens of McArthur, William Slone of Little Hocking, Alicia Smith of Albany, Brandon Smith of Lancaster, Charles Smith of Orient, Daniel Smith of Millfield, Jennifer Smith of Nelsonville, Kevin Smith of Logan, Nathan Smith of Shade, Randy Smith of Lancaster, Ryan Smith of The Plains, William Smith of Logan, Steven Snider of Wellston, Wyatt Snodgrass of Oxford, Rodney Snyder of Lancaster, Kayla Soma of Millersport, Xiaodong Song of Pingdingshan, Jessica Sorensen of North Olmsted, Dakota Sowers of Roseville, Martie Sowers of Lancaster, Kenzie Spaulding of Athens, Jennifer Spellman of Nelsonville, Christina Spence of Logan, William Spencer of Millfield, Steven Sperry of Albany, Courtney Springer of Lancaster, Cody Spurlock of Cincinnati, Joshua Stallard of Milford, Damon Stamper of Lancaster, Rodney Steele of Logan, Robert Stein of Nelsonville, Katie Stenger of North Lawrence, Ronald Stephens of East Fultonham, Heidi Stephenson of Nelsonville, Patricia Stetzer of Lancaster, Tyler Stevens of Beverly, James Stevenson of New Lexington, Adam Stewart of Ashville, Thomas Stewart of Middleport, Kristen Stiles of New Lexington, Amber Stilson of Logan, Lara Stover of Prospect, Sherry Stover of Bremen, Sarah Stretton of New Straitsville, Noah Strode of Stockport, Anthony Strunk of Lancaster, Ben Stuart of Athens, Thamir Sulaimani, Stacie Sullivan of Montpelier, Sara Summers of Pickerington, Justin Swanson of Malta, Steven Swords of Gallipolis, Michelle Symanowicz of Cincinnati, Emily Tankersley of New Lexington, Katelyn Tanner of Caldwell, Brian Taylor of Logan, Ryan Taylor of Stockport, Sonia Taylor of Haydenville, Teena Taylor of Chauncey, Jessica Teets of McArthur, Craig Templeton of Letart, Shelia Templeton of Amanda, Amanda Terrell of Milford, William Tharp of Logan, Matthew Thaxton of Racine, Kelly Theiller of Vernon, Jennifer Theiss of Athens, Kathy Thomas of Millfield, Scott Thomas of Lancaster, Wendy Thomas of Syracuse, Carol Thompson of Chillicothe, Matthew Thompson of West Lafayette, Rhonda Thompson of Rockbridge, Shanika Thompson of Nelsonville, Karen Thomson of Athens, Tom Thrush of Logan, Mary Tiley-Rutter of Laurelville, Jennifer Tinkler of Marietta, Jennifer Tipton of Lancaster, Tyler Tomasheski of Northfield, Jennifer Toole of Circleville, Christopher Torrieri of Perry, Kathryn Toth of Oakton, James Tracy of Logan, Stephanie Trester of Batavia, Xavier Trout of Loveland, Daniel Turner of Batavia, Colin Tuttle of Richfield, Alexandria Tweedy of Stewart, Ryan Uncapher of Athens, Alexis Underwood of Nelsonville, Warren Usher of Little Hocking, Alice Van Doren of New Marshfield, James Van Hook of Athens, Rosemary Vance of Albany, Mary Vandeman of The Plains, Mary VanDine of Columbus, Jody Vanhoose of Logan, Ellen Venema of Tiffin, Rachael Vermillion of Union Furnace, Lorrie Vess of Glouster, Sacha Vess of Glouster, Roger Vickers of Albany, Janet Vickroy of Logan, Elicia Vincent of Eaton, Eric Wachauf of Saint Marys, Charles Wachenschwanz of The Plains, Alfred Waddell of Amanda, Chelsey Wagner of Albany, Leah Wagner of Lancaster, Marcie Wagner of Nelsonville, Michael Wagner of New Marshfield, John Wagoner of Grove City, Jennifer Wahl of Logan, Christopher Waldeck of Lancaster, Erica Waldeck of Lancaster, Mindy Walker of Chillicothe, Amber Wallace of Chesterhill, Chad Wallace of Lancaster, Danielle Wallace of London, Kate Wallace of Sabina, Tracey Wallace of Logan, Corey Walls of Nelsonville, Nate Walls of Athens, Tamara Walsh of Westerville, Kathleen Walton of Maumee, Katlyn Walton of Glouster, Jenny Warner of Racine, Dana Warnock of Athens, Adam Warren of Nelsonville, Douglas Warren of Cincinnati, Sharon Warren of Logan, Zachary Wassermann of Waterville, Tasha Watts of Crooksville, Misti Waugh of New Marshfield, Mark Weaver of Logan, Andrea Weber of Lancaster, Kathleen Weber of Lancaster, Scott Weber of Logan, Mingxian Wei, Thomas Wells of Orient, Casey Welsh of Lancaster, Shannon Wenger of Logan, Marcie Wesselhoeft of Logan, Dakota West of Athens, Lester West of Lancaster, Shannon West of Stockport, Cameron Westfall of Malta, Colete Wheeler of Nelsonville, Kayla Whitcraft of Athens, John Whiteaker-Chudecke of Pittsburgh, Shannon Whiteman of Coolville, Trishalla Whitley of Nelsonville, Jennifer Whittington of Laurelville, Bailey Widmer of Nelsonville, Kayla Wiggins of Kingston, Anna Wiker of Jewett, Daisy Wilcox of Logan, John Wilcox of Racine, Matthew Wile of Lancaster, Chad Wilkins of Glenford, Abby Williams of Malta, Donald Williams of Logan, Brandon Willis of Lancaster, Lindsey Willis of Guysville, James Wilson of Chillicothe, James Wilson of Altus, Michelle Wilson of Lithopolis, Stacy Wimbley of Canal Winchester, Samantha Winchell of Millfield, Amanda Wine of Logan, Leona Winegardner of New Marshfield, Lauren Winford of Nelsonville, Amanda Wingfield of Athens, Troy Winland of Logan, April Wisecarver of Sugar Grove, Ryan Wittmann of Athens, William Wolf of Athens, Bridget Wolfe of Albany, Ryan Wolfe of Lorain, Zachary Wolfe of Athens, Kenneth Wollett of Nelsonville, Jessica Woodrum of Jackson, Catherine Woods of Syracuse, Courage Woodward of Hebron, Ashley Wooten of Glouster, Joshua Wright of Athens, Patrick Wright of McArthur, Randy Wright of Athens, Raymond Wriston of Belpre, Gregory Wyatt of Vincent, Caitlin Wyckoff of Logan, Kristopher Yaceczko of Barberton, Arthur Yanni of Columbus, Millicent Yirenkyi of Columbus, Briana Yoder of Orrville, Brea Young of Nelsonville, Kristin Zeigler of Pomeroy, Ryan Zeisler of Athens, Heather Zemko of New Plymouth, Min Zhang of Long Bottom, Matthew Zigrossi of Bourbonnais, Elizabeth Zimmerman of Albany, Sarah Zimmerman of Lancaster, Tori Zody of Perrysville, Paul Zureick of Nelsonville.
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