Wed, Oct 17th, 2012
Are you a student who wants to improve your G.P.A. and wants someone to be able to listen to your academic concerns and provide you with solutions? If you answered yes, then AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches program is perfect for you! AmeriCorps has professional coaches stationed on campus for the school year to assist you if you are Pell grant-eligible and enrolled in 0054 and/or 0044 English or math.

Coaches offer free personal, confidential consultations to help YOU create an academic plan and timeline for the year. It is not a tutor service but rather an academic coaching service. Coaches are there to listen to YOUR wants, needs, and concerns and assist you to the best of their ability. You are only required to commit to four meetings for the entire school year, however students may request additional meetings.

Volunteer opportunities are also available throughout the year and provide great experience to place on your resume and may even be related to your career field. Workshops will also be available throughout the year about financial literacy, accessing resources on campus, time management skills and more.   

It’s proven that students involved with the program typically achieve a higher G.P.A. and are more likely to complete their degree. Why wouldn’t you want a higher G.P.A. than you currently have?

If you are interested in having an AmeriCorps contact you or have questions about the program, don’t delay! Please contact Spencer Hobson or Michael Whittemore. Their office is located at JL 193, with hours by appointment.
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