Associate of Technical Study in Construction Management-Commercial and Residential Electricity

The Construction Management - Commercial and Residential Electricity program is offered exclusively at the Hocking College Logan Educational Site.

The electrical Construction Management program responds to the growing need for individuals trained in commercial and residential electricity management and skilled craftwork. Electricity construction managers are involved in the planning, estimating, scheduling, and execution of a variety of commercial and residential projects.  Opportunities also exist for those who aspire to manage their own businesses as independent electrical contractors.

Prior work experience and/or completion of electrical management apprenticeship programs may result in credit hours being awarded by advanced standing, portfolio, and exam assessment.

The following outcomes are skills, behaviors, and attitudes cultivated in students seeking the Associate of Technical Study in Construction Management - Commercial and Residential Electricity:

  • Identify, interpret, and apply National Electrical Code (NEC) wiring methods that pertain to residential and commercial installations, in order to install electrical systems that are safe and free of hazard.
  • Implement OSHA safety standards to prevent electrical hazards and accidents on the jobsite.

  • Take measurements for, and produce the following bends: offset, 90 degree, kick, 3-point saddle, 4-point saddle.

  • Interprets contract documents (records/drawings) for purpose of estimating materials and labor, and project management.

  • Properly design and install circuitry including single pole, 3-way, 4-way switches; GFCI receptacles; duplex receptacles; and luminaires.

  • Troubleshoot electrical circuits using an electrical meter in order to repair malfunctioning circuits.

  • Install proper terminations for the following: splices, but splices, mechanical and compression lugs, exothermic welding, and back-wired devices. 



Associate of Technical Study in Construction Mgt - Commercial & Residential Electricity

Course of Study

For students entering May 2017

COURSE NO.FIRST SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
MATH-1103Applied Mathematics2.002.003.00$182.00
GS-1000HC Cornerstone1.000.001.00$80.00
ENGL-1510English Composition I4.000.004.00$50.00
CMEL-1100Electrical Trades4.004.006.00$825.00
CM-1101Construction Safety OSHA 302.000.002.00$25.00
COURSE NO.SECOND SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
CMEL-1200Residential Wiring4.004.006.00$400.00
CM-1107Forklift & Scissor Lift Certification2.002.003.00$150.00
MICS-1141Introduction to Word & Excel0.002.001.00$70.00
COURSE NO.SUMMER SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
NRM-2296Natural Resources Practicum & Seminar1.007.002.00$100.00
COURSE NO.THIRD SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
CMEL-2300Commerical Wiring Applications4.004.006.00$400.00
BUS-1100Small Business Management2.002.003.00$92.00
CM-2107Construction Materials Estimating3.000.003.00$115.00
BIOS-1101Environmental Science3.000.003.00$40.00
ENGL-1104Job Search Techniques1.000.001.00$15.00
COURSE NO.FOURTH SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
CMEL-2400Advanced Electrical Topics4.004.006.00$440.00
CM-2105Project Management3.000.003.00$90.00
***Construction Electrical Elective0.000.003.00
***Social Science Elective0.000.003.00


Hocking College reserves the right to modify curricular requirements, to change course content, and change course fees at any time.

Graduates of the Construction Management-Commercial and Residential Electricity program are employed as construction estimators, construction sales managers, purchasing managers and electricians.

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