Getting involved in Hocking College student clubs and organizations is a great way to meet others and pursue your personal interests. You'll find program-based clubs and organizations, where you can network with others interested in your program of study and make connections for future jobs. Hocking College also boasts three chapters of Phi Theta Kappa honor society, which promote scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship on campus.

You can find clubs related to specific student interests, hone your student leadership skills and make an impact on campus. All kinds of groups exist at Hocking College, and if you don't see a club or organization you'd like to join, you can receive support to start one.

Athletics: If you are interested in representing the college on a team (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Archery)
Contact: Joe Wakeman  Phone: 740.753.6098

Anime Club: View and discussion of anime cartoons.
Contact: Brittany Miller

Bird Club: A bird watching and discussion club.
Contact: Jennifer Allen

Cru: This organization is an extension of Ohio University's Campus Crusade for Christ in which members participate in Bible study, prayer and community outreach activities.
Contact: Christy Helmer   Phone: 937.541.6014

Campus Ministry: A non-denominational Christian Group that participates in Bible study, prayer, worship and community service projects.
Contact: Giles Lee  Phone: 740.753.6539

Epicurean Club: Provides opportunities for cooking, catering and culinary delights.
Contact: Chef Katie

Forestry Club
Contact: Stephanie Downs  Phone: 740.753.6286

Geology Club: For students with an interest in Geology and all things rock-related.
Contact: Brittany Johnson

Habitat for Humanity: Build homes for people who need them.
Contact: Damon Clement  Phone: 740.380.9315 Ext# 6620

Hocking Woods Nature Center: Dedicated to conservation and education, the Hocking Woods Nature Center has various animals, encourages hands-on learning and is always looking for volunteers to help with programs.
Contact: Dave Sagan at 740.753.6326.

Horse Club
Contact: Scott "Hoss" Pugh and Heath Harter. Call the Horse Barns  Phone: 740.753.6539

Interp Club: The Interp Club is for students who are interested in Natural and Historical Interpretation.
Contact: Julie Gee at 740.753.6344

Outdoor Pursuits: Offers opportunities for involvement in climbing, disc golf, archery and various trips during the school year.
Contact: Giles Lee  Phone: 740.753.6541.

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society (PTK): Offers a wide range of service, leadership and scholarship opportunities to students with a good GPA. A number of scholarships are available to students who are interested in going on for a four-year degree.
Contact: Danita Glenn  Phone: 740.753.6502

Rainbow Alliance: The Inclusion Club/Rainbow Alliance is for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students and friends to meet and socialize. This club participates in various social events including dances, shows and trips.
Contact: Scot Danhart  Phone: 740.753.6175

Robbins Crossing: Historical Reenactment. The pioneer days of southeastern Ohio are reignited with a visit to Robbins Crossing, a completely restored 1850s-era village located on Hocking College's campus. Hocking College's Natural and Historical Interpretation students and community volunteers dress in period costumes and share historical information to help recreate the past and show tourists the 19th century way of life. Visitors can tour the town's old buildings and blacksmith shops, make candles, explore the gift shop, spin yarn and cook on a wood-burning stove.
Contact: Dave Sagan  Phone: 740.753.6344

Sports: Basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball and soccer.
Contact: Brady Trace  Phone: 740.753.6540.

Student Government: Have your say in campus decisions and programs.
Contact: Giles Lee  Phone: 740.753.6539

Veterans Association: Organization for veterans of the armed forces and currently serving military personnel.
Contact: Ken Teter  Phone: 740.753.7055

The Learning Connection (TLC): The Learning Connection offers support services including homework help, computer use, advising and social events to first generation college students.
Contact: Molly Watson  Phone: 740.753.7112

The Success Center: Based on the ground floor of Davidson Hall, find help for all of your academic needs with tutoring, peer mentoring and learning materials and resources.
Contact: Danita Glenn  Phone: 740.753.6502

Wildlife Club: The Wildlife Club is dedicated to the education and conservation of wildlife. Students learn more about animals, their habitat, how to manage animals and how to protect them.
Contacts: Sayre Flannagan  Phone: 740.753.6254 and Dave Swanson  Phone: 740.753.6265

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