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International Students Center Online

Let us show you why Hocking College has a reputation for excellence around the world. Students from more than 40 countries choose Hocking for their education. Our International Student Services office directly assists our many international students every year and provides an ongoing, singular point of contact.

Can I register for the Payment Plan?

You can register for the payment plan only after your first semester of classes. First semester students are required pay their tuition and fees upon initial registration. The payment plan is administered through the Cashier's Office.

What if I need to add or drop classes?

It is very important that you are registered for classes no later than the first Friday of each semester. All classes should be added or dropped in the same timeframe. You are strongly encouraged to solidify your schedule by then. Being registered for classes full time (12-16 hours) is required of all F-1 students. Please visit www.hocking.edu/cashiers for more information regarding Hocking College's Refund Policy.

Who do I notify if I am unable to attend the classes I've registered for?

Contact an International Student Services staff member to let them know that you plan not to attend classes. The staff will inform you of how your status can/will be affected by not attending, as well as any applicable refunds as follows:

  • Withdraw before the start of the Term: 100% refund
  • Withdraw first day of term up through the 15th calendar day of the term: 85% refund
  • Withdraw after the 15th calendar day of the term: 0% refund
  • Flex Classes: No charge before the start of the course. Full charge after the start of the class.

Being registered for classes full time (12-16 hours) is required of all F-1 students.

My I-20 will expire in two months, what should I do?

If your I-20 is going to expire, contact the International Student Services staff for a new 1-20. An expired I-20 leaves you out of status, so please contact the International Student Services staff as quickly as possible.

Am I required to file an income tax return?

All international students and accompanying dependents are required to complete an income tax return annually. For most of you, this will mean completing the form 1040NR-EZ (U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return) and a form 8843. You are required to file an income tax return even if you have no income from U.S. sources, or if your income is exempt from U.S. taxes due to treaties between the U.S. and your home country.

The U.S. tax system encompasses many different types of taxes (e.g., income tax, Social Security tax, sales tax, personal property tax) and three layers of taxation (local, state, and federal). You have obligations at several levels.

Sources of U.S. income may include on-campus employment, scholarships, practical or academic training and any compensation received for labor. International students do not have to pay taxes on interest paid to them by U.S. banks.

Note that income is not limited to wages paid to you in cash, but also includes that portion of your scholarship that is applied to your housing and meal expenses. The portion applied to your tuition fees, books and supplies is not counted as income. International Student Services will help you make these distinctions. Be sure to inquire about the applicability of any tax treaty that might exist between your country and the United States.

For additional information, visit the United States Internal Revenue Services (IRS)

We want you to successfully complete your studies at Hocking College. Please read and fully understand the following information regarding maintaining your immigration status, once you are a student at Hocking College.

Keep your passport valid

Your passport must be valid at all times. Renewal applications can be made with the embassy or consulate of the country issuing the passport. Obtain a certificate of student status from Hocking College International Student Services. Addresses of embassies are available from the US Department of State.

Report Address Changes to International Student Services

International students are required to report all address changes to International Student Services within 10 days of the address change, by submitting an address change form. This includes address changes of any of your dependents, as well.

You are required to turn this documentation in to ISS unless you are subject to the U.S. Government's Special Registration Procedures, then you must report address changes within 10 days to the government by using this form.

Students are also required to report any changes in employer to International Student Services within 10 days of employment change, by using the same forms as above.

Obtain Prior Authorization from International Student Services to Drop Below a Full Course of Study

International students need to pursue a full course of study (12-16 credit hours) during normal enrollment periods (autumn and spring semesters). We understand, however, that serious events can occur that prevent you from being able to enroll full-time.

The Reduced Course Load Certification form must be completed prior to dropping below a full-time status. Full-time at Hocking College is 12 credit hours for international students.

You are allowed to deviate from this full course of study with prior authorization from an International Student Services advisor, and under very limited circumstances. You can drop below full-time only one semester of your entire degree.

Report Departure Date and Reason to International Student Services

Sometimes, and for a variety of reasons, students leave the College early or unexpectedly. Some of these reasons include early graduation, leave of absence, suspension, expulsion or family emergencies.

Inform International Student Services if you plan to leave the College before the date on your immigration document (I-20), and the reason for doing so.

Abide by Employment Regulations

As an international student, you are permitted to work on campus for a maximum of 15 hours per week while school is in session. During holidays and breaks, you may be permitted to work more.

Student Employment maintains a listing of part-time job opportunities and can help you find a position with an employer on campus.

Working off-campus requires prior authorization from the U.S. Federal Government and/or the International Student Services, depending upon your visa status type.

Notify of Your Intent to Transfer Schools

You are currently authorized to attend Hocking College. If you decide to attend another school in the United States, notify International Student Services of your intent to transfer and the name of the new school.

International Student Services will then enter a "Release" date in SEVIS. After this date is reached, the new school can issue you a SEVIS I-20.

You will then have to report to the Designated School Official/Responsible Officer at the new school within 15 days of the program start date.

Apply for an Extension of Program

Apply for an extension of your program prior to the expiration date on your Form I-20, if you cannot complete your program by the original date. Requests for extensions must be submitted 15 but no more than 60 days prior to the expiration date of the Form I-20, so the extension process can be completed prior to the expiration date on your F-1.

Changing Your Academic Program

Obtain a new Form I-20 before changing your academic program (e.g. from Accounting to Business Management) from an International Student Services advisor within 15 days of beginning the new program.

Receive Authorization to Travel

Notify International Student Services prior to traveling outside the U.S. so that the Form I-20 can be endorsed for travel or a new form can be issued, if required.

Students should complete and submit an International Student Services "Travel Request Form" at least five working days prior to the anticipated travel date, although you are strongly encouraged to submit the form earlier.

Please also notify International Student Services upon your return. F-1 visa holders need the following documents to re-enter the U.S. after a temporary absence:

  1. Form I-20 endorsed by International Student Services for travel
  2. Valid passport and U.S. F-1 visa
  3. Verification of adequate financial support
  4. Verification of enrollment

Provide Documentation of Dependents

Notify International Student Services of any accompanying dependents in F-2 status and provide biographical information (e.g., full name, address, country of birth, etc.) and immigration information (e.g., passport information, visa information, etc.) regarding those dependents. The International Student Services is required to report information to BCIS and/or DOS regarding your dependents.

I-94 Entry Permit

Retain your I-94 card at all times. If you lose it, complete an application form I-102. A fee of $100.00 must be submitted with the application. After details of your entry are verified, a new I-94 will be mailed to you.

Visa Expiration/Renewal

A valid visa is not required in order for you to maintain status. However, once your visa is expired you can only travel to your home country. When you intend to travel outside the United States and your visa is expired, you must visit the American Consulate/Embassy Office in your home country in order to get the visa stamp issued.

To get your visa renewed, you will need a valid passport, a properly executed I-20, proof of financial support and/or letter of certification. A student visa cannot be renewed in the United States.

If you are traveling in Canada, Mexico or other contiguous U.S. territories for less than 30 days, you do not need to get your visa renewed.

Visits for Spouse and Children

F-1 Students should obtain an I-20 to send to family members (spouse or children) who wish to visit the United States. The family member(s) will use the I-20 to support their application for an F-2 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

The Embassy/Consulate will require evidence that you have adequate financial resources for family member(s) support without recourse to employment. As such, you must furnish proof of financial support to International Student Services in the amount of $4,000 per year for a spouse and $2,000 per year for each child in addition to the amount needed for your own studies and living expenses.

You must realize that under no circumstances will your spouse be permitted to take any employment after he/she reaches the U.S.

F-2 children may attend elementary or high school. F-2 spouses or children are not permitted to study at the college level full-time without changing status to F-1.

In addition, bringing family members to the U.S. is not considered a valid reason for needing employment authorization.

Always see an International Student Services staff member before you consider contacting the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service (BCIS.)

The BCIS is a very busy agency and the officer answering your call may not have the time required to fully understand your problem. If necessary, International Student Services will contact the BCIS for you.

So that we may assist you properly, please bring your passport and all relevant immigration documents (I-20, passport, I-94) and financial documents when you come to International Student Services with requests.

If at anytime you are uncertain about your status, require assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to call an International Student Services staff member.

cross cultural 12 student centered.jpgListed below is the schedule of tuition, costs and incidental expenses. These figures represent the cost of one academic term (12 to 18 credit hours.) Please understand that several of these categories (food, books, and housing) are estimates.

(Requirements for F-1 Students)


Tuition/General Service Fee ($366/credit hour) $4,392
Estimated course fees $1,000
Housing $3,000
Food $1,500
Books and Supplies $500
Insurance** - estimated annual cost under age 30  
TOTAL (per term) $10,392


Tuition Fees and Expenses are subject to change without notice.

**Please remember to include insurance cost in your estimated total.

For additional payment information, visit our Payment Options page. Wire transfer is available upon request.

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