Fri, Oct 26th, 2012
Hocking College Police Academy graduated 11 new police recruits in a ceremony on October 25, the 93rd Police Academy class to graduate.

Graduates completed more than three months of intensive training at the Police Academy. Some graduates have already gained employment at local agencies.

Michael Taylor, Retired Chief of the Law Enforcement Division for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, provided an overview of Police Officer expectations and offered encouragement to contribute to their communities today.

Commander Tim Voris recognized graduates Richard R. Drake and Jordan Scheidt for perfect attendance and dedication to the Academy. "Both of these young men were prepared and on time each and every day, which says a lot about their dedication and commitment to training and their career choice," Voris said.

Four special awards were presented at the graduation ceremony. The Distinguished Leadership award was given to Sergeant Craig Munyan, military veteran, for his hard work and leadership to the Academy. The Clyde Beasley Service award was presented to Richard R. Drake for his combined performance at the required skill level scores, leadership and dedication during the academy.

Commander Voris and Susan White, Dean of Public Safety, presented a special award to Shirley Jeffers who recently retired with over 44 years of public safety service to Hocking College and her community as former peace officer, instructor, and Hocking College board member. Cadet Jordan Scheidt was the recipient of the Shirley Jeffers award this year by demonstrating an exceptional ability in each skill area.

"Hocking College Police Academy and School of Public Safety has a tradition of service, where men and women have dedicated their lives to their community and to public service," Voris said. 
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