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The Office of Marketing, Public and Community Relations


The Office of Marketing, Public and Community Relations manages advertising, branding, media relations, publications, promotional photography, communications, graphic design and events for the college. We work with students, faculty and staff to increase awareness of the college through marketing and communication strategies that tell Hocking College’s story.


Guidelines for Print, Media and Online Use

  • We strongly prefer the use of the full-color logo on a white background.
  • Do not change or alter the height to width ratio of the logo. Do not use the logo upside down, backward or mirrored.
  • Do not apply rotation, distortion, transformation, stylization, warping, a drop shadow or any color alterations to the logo. The approved color alternations are available on page 5 of the Brand Usage Guide. Clear space must be kept around the logo at all times. It is the minimum distance the graphic can be from the edges of an electronic document, besides other logos or graphics, or printed edges. Please see page 5 for more details.
  • For print, the logo should not appear smaller than 1 inch tall. A one-inch tall version is large enough for a standard 8.5” by 11” page. 
  • For media use, the Hocking College signature should be used for all stories or coverage pertaining to the campus, academics, non-athletic events, community announcements, etc. Hocking College Athletics have their own branding.
  • For online use, the logo should not appear smaller than 100 pixels tall.
  • A boundary rectangle of clear space must be observed at all times. At no time is any other artwork or logo to invade a clear or white boundary of space around the rectangular logo.

Please Note: All paid advertising, promotional products, publications and other materials for external marketing must be approved by the Marketing, Public and Community Relations Department at Hocking College.

For Media and External Agencies

The Marketing, Community and Public Relations Department is the voice of Hocking College, promoting its transformative programs and services to potential students across the nation while enabling HC educators to provide students with all of the resources they need. Our department is dedicated to telling the college’s stories with inclusivity, integrity and transparency in any available medium.

To communicate a unified vision, please adhere to the standards outlined in the Brand Usage Guide. The guide covers the use of our branding and identity in a variety of communications.

You will find the logo available in all formats and pre-approved campus stock photography for your use.

Questions about the logo or any materials? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

The guidelines for the use of this logo are below. For more information regarding Hocking College Athletics, visit athletics.hocking.edu.

  • For media, the Hocking College Athletics logo should be used for all athletics stories and media coverage of Hocking College Athletics events and announcements
  • The logo is a stand-alone logo but may appear in conjunction with the Hocking College logo. All rules for the primary logo apply.
  • For print, the HC Athletics logo can be placed at the top of the page only when accompanied by the Hocking College logo with placement in the lower 1/4th of the page
  • Do not change or alter the height to width ratio of the logo.
  • Do not use the logo upside down, backward or mirrored.
  • Do not apply rotation, distortion, transformation, stylization, warping, a drop shadow or any color alterations to the logo.

If you require any photography, event promotion and/or any publicity of your event, please file a formal request with the Marketing office via email at marketing@hocking.edu or submit the form linked below.

Submit an event for the campus calendar

Please remember that all events are to be submitted to the Marketing department to ensure they are added to the Campus Calendar.

The official blue, green and yellow are key components of the Hocking College logo, and they are the primary colors for use in print and electronic communications as well as apparel and merchandising products.

Consistent use and careful matching are essential in establishing and maintaining a unified image. Below are the official colors to be used when designing any documents on behalf of the college.

If you require assistance with your graphic design project, please file a formal request with the Marketing office via email at marketing@hocking.edu.

Primary Color Scheme

2020-05-05 14_49_16-Create a palette - Coolors-1

Pantone 355 | Hex Code: #009e49

2020-05-05 14_49_16-Create a palette - Coolors-2Blue
Pantone 3005 | Hex Code: #0084c9

2020-05-05 14_49_16-Create a palette - Coolors-3

Pantone 137 | Hex Code: #FCA311


Marketing Request Form

On the form below, please select what marketing items you'd like for this project. Please note that the marketing team will use their expertise and discretion to determine the best mediums for the audience.
If you are a student and interested in promoting your organization or club event, please contact Student Life or request that your advisor complete this form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Email lists are updated once a month.

If you are a new employee and not receiving our messages, please contact marketing@hocking.edu to be added to our email database.

If you are a current student or employee and not receiving our messages, it is probably due to a previous unsubscribe. 

Here is how to resubscribe:
    1. Go to info.hocking.edu/resubscribe-form.
    2. Enter your first and last names and your Hocking College email address into the form.
  • DO NOT hit "Submit." Instead, hit the hyperlink that reads "Looks like you've opted out of email communication. Click here to get an email to opt back in."
  • Open your Hocking College email and follow the instructions in the message.
Note: Once you click the link to update your subscription preferences in the email, you will need to scroll to the bottom and de-select "Unsubscribe from all emails" before you can customize your settings. Below are the email lists that we recommend subscribing to:
  • Marketing Email | Marketing Information
  • Marketing Email | Faculty Communication
  • Marketing Email | Student Communication
  • Marketing Email | Hocking Newsletter
If you still have trouble, please check out this video tutorial where a member of our staff walks you through this process.

If the information on our website is out-of-date, please contact us and include the content that needs to be changed along with the URL. 

These requests can be submitted through the form on this page.

To ensure that your social media efforts adhere to the design and policy standards of Hocking College and that your efforts are not tied specifically to a Hocking College community member’s personal account, all official Hocking College-related social media accounts and requests must be evaluated and created by the Office of Marketing, Public and Community Relations social media team.

The Office of Marketing, Public and Community Relations will then grant the appropriate person(s) administrative access to those accounts. To request an account, contact marketing@hocking.edu.

The Office of Marketing, Public and Community Relations will explain the expectations of having a Hocking College account and will provide training to get you started. All social media account users will be required to sign a formal user agreement before access is granted to their new account

At a minimum, the Marketing team requests 14 days' notice for any project or event that requires no outside vendors.

Anything that requires an outside vendor should be brought to the team at least one month in advance, although this does not imply that all items can be delivered with this time frame.

Contact Us

You can reach the Department of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations by email at:


You can reach the Hocking College Press, a newspaper production of the Hocking College Marketing Department at:



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