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Hocking College Transcripts

Your Hocking College Transcripts 

A Hocking College transcript is the official record of your enrollment at Hocking College. Request a transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a $5 fee for each transcript and an additional $2.50 fee per destination. A valid credit card and email address is required to order online. By choosing the UPS delivery method, your transcript will typically be delivered within 2 business days. There is an additional charge to use UPS.

MAIL ALERT: Due to the evolving pandemic, there are notable delays in US and International mail delivery. There are also some international jurisdictions where mail cannot be delivered. Please visit https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm
for updates.


Please note:

  1. Please allow three (3) business days to process all transcript requests. Once shipped, transcript orders can be tracked here. Transcript requests will not be processed during campus closure. See the college calendar for dates.
  2. Hocking College does not fax or email transcripts.
  3. Transcripts will be mailed through the US Postal Service to the address that you provide. The college is not responsible for non-receipt of a transcript due to an incomplete/wrong address provided on the request.
  4. Any additions/changes made to the request or transcript after the transaction has been processed will require a new request and fee payment.
  5. Transcript requests will not be processed if you owe a past due balance. Not sure? Check your account through Self-Service or contact the Cashier’s Office at 740-753-7029.
  6. For an additional fee, you can request overnight shipping. Your transcript will be sent through United Parcel Service (UPS)
    1. The request will be processed by Hocking College the next business day.
    2. UPS does not deliver to a post office box so be sure to include a valid street address.
  7. If you are currently enrolled, you can request that the transcript not be issued until final grades for the term are posted and/or degree is awarded. These requests will be held until final information is posted.
  8. Organizations ordering transcripts on behalf of students are required to pay all fees incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All transcripts must be requested through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Order online through the National Student Clearinghouse.

There is a $5 fee for each transcript and an additional $2.50 fee per destination. There are additional charges for overnight and out of country shipping.

Allow three (3) business days for Hocking College to process your order Hocking College uses USPS for standard delivery therefore delivery time is determined by USPS. Additional fees will be charged if special delivery is requested when ordered.

Yes. Click here and use your order number and the email address that you provided when you placed the order.

No. Hocking College does not email or fax transcripts. All transcripts are sent through the US Postal Service.

Yes. When you order your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse you can specify that the transcript be held by the Registrar’s Office for pick up. Allow three (3) business days for processing. You will receive an email notification when the transcript is ready for pick up. A valid picture ID (i.e., state driver’s license) is required to pick up a transcript.

Note: Some transcript recipients, such as admission offices, do not accept hand-carried transcripts. We recommend you verify a hand-carried transcript will be accepted.

You may print an unofficial transcript using your Self-Service login and password.

If you do not have your login or password, contact the IT Helpdesk at 740-753-6113 or submit a ticket through the Hocking College app.

Contact the Registrar’s Office Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm by calling 740-753-7042 or emailing registrar@hocking.edu.

Submitting Your High School Transcript

All applicants are required to submit an official, final high school transcript. A final transcript must include the student’s graduation date and final grade point average. Contact your high school for instructions on how to order your transcript.

Your high school can submit your final transcript by mail or through a formal transcript service such as Parchment or eScript.

Faxed, emailed and hand carried transcripts are not accepted.

If you have not yet graduated, remind your high school to hold your transcript request until your final transcript is available. 

Transcripts should be mailed to Hocking College, ATTN: Registrar’s Office, 3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville OH 45764 


  • If you are/were home schooled, submit a notarized homeschool transcript showing graduation from an approved homeschooling curriculum. The transcript must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If you did not complete an approved homeschool curriculum you may be asked to submit General Education Development (GED) scores.
  • If you completed high school outside of the United States, submit original transcripts (translated to English by a formal translation service if necessary) for schooling equivalent to a United States high school. Once received your transcript will be reviewed to determine if it meets the transcript requirement.  It is recommended that you submit official documents in person. Original documents will be copied and returned to you.  If you are unable to obtain an official transcript, it is recommended that you complete the General Education Development (GED) test.

Submitting Your GED Transcript

Applicants who are General Education Development (GED) holders are required to submit an official GED transcript.  You can request your transcript online at the GED Testing Service website. Go to www.gedtestingservice.com and log in or register to order your GED transcript.  Note:  Be sure to request the transcript, not the GED certificate. 

Faxed, emailed and hand carried GED transcripts are not accepted.

GED transcripts should be mailed to Hocking College, ATTN: Registrar’s Office, 3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville OH 45764.

Submitting Your Previous College Transcript(s)

Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended prior to your first term of enrollment.  Official transcripts must be mailed directly from each institution to the address below or submitted through a formal transcript service such as Parchment or eScript. 

Faxed, emailed or hand carried transcripts are not accepted.

Visit your previous college(s) website for instructions on ordering your transcript.

Transcripts should be mailed to Hocking College, ATTN: Registrar’s Office, 3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville OH 45764.

Once your official transcript has been evaluated, you will be notified through your Hocking College email.  Transfer credit that has been awarded can be viewed in Self-Service:

To see a list of courses that you have received credit for, go to your “Unofficial Transcript” here.

To see how the transferred courses apply to your program of study and degree completion, go to “My Progress” here.

Please note: 

  1. Hocking College also accepts AP and CLEP. Submit official documentation to the address above.
  2. To avoid additional cost by repeating courses, transcripts should be submitted prior to registration.

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