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Student Conduct Program


The Office of Community Standards and Accountability is the college entity that works with students when incidents of alleged misconduct happen in determining a resolution. We also ensure that students receive fair treatment in all disciplinary matters. Students, faculty, and staff who believe there has been a violation of the Code of Student Conduct can report an incident.

Through outreach, education, collaboration, and the administration of the conduct process, the Office of Community Standards and Accountability supports a safe, fair and supportive learning environment for the personal, professional and ethical development of all students. The Student Conduct Program is our vehicle to help students understand the impact their behavior has on the global community and to assist them in making professional and ethical live choices.

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Core Values

Students are expected to represent these core values in their daily lives.

Respect- Show positive regard for each other and for the community
Community- Build and enhance the College Community
Integrity- Exemplify honesty honor and respect in their life
Responsibility- Accept a high level of responsibility to themselves, to others and community


The Hocking College Student Conduct Program supports the college’s mission of serving as a pathway to prosperity through accountability, community engagement and educational outreach.  Grounded in a student-centered approach, the Student Conduct Program encourages the holistic development of students through teaching while fostering a safe and inclusive campus community.

Sanctioned Workshops

Identify Your Risk 


This educational/awareness raising program identifies how alcohol misuse can disrupt daily life, relationships, and achievement of goals.  The program is useful to those who want to make lower risk choices with alcohol by understanding how individual differences like- mental health, biological factors, rate of consumption, and general health play a role in how alcohol use impacts our lives.

After completing this program participants will- Understand their individual risk factors, for use Learn the warning signs of abuse and realize resources for helping themselves or someone else. 

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