Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

Through the Perkins Grant process, Hocking College's School of Hospitality has received the funding of two Perkins Mini-grants.

The grants provided portable stove-top induction units that run on standard electrical source and have the ability to boil water in two to three minutes. Induction cook tops are state of the art and save 40 percent of energy used in conventional cooking means. The units allow instructors to have demonstrations at any given work station and also help students with more cooking space during daily lesson and production.
The grants also funded a Julaba Thermal circulator to teach students the art of Sous Vide Cooking. Developed in the late 70s by the French, Sous Vide stands for cooking under vacuum in a cryovac bag with herbs and seasonings for a prolonged cooking time at very low temperatures. The Sous Vide process conserves energy and cuts down on product shrinkage resulting in increased yields. It is also a healthy form of cooking with minimal fat and sodium.

Chef Alfonso Contrisciani, Dean, thanks the Perkins Grant team, and says the equipment will greatly assist the program and contribute to the future success of our students.

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