The college's telephone system is maintained and supported by the Office of Information Technology, with telephone and voicemail support.

If your telephone is broken, if you need help using voicemail, if you need to add/remove/move a phone, submit an online ticket at: Please note that modems, fax machines, and answering machines cannot be connected to Hocking's digital phone system.

Dialing Instructions

Emergency 911
Hocking Police Department 6598

Placing a Call

Local Calls 8 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number
On-campus Extensions Last 4 digits
Domestic Long Distance 8 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number
International Long Distance 8+ 011 + Country + City + Number
Toll Free 8 + 1 + 800 + Number
Credit Card or Collect Calls 8 + 0 + Area Code + Number
At tone, enter credit card number or wait for assistance.
On-campus dialing to remote sites
Lake Snowden 4 digit extension
Logan Energy Institute 4 digit extension
Perry Campus 4 digit extension
The McClenaghan Center for Hospitality Training 4 digit extension
Off-campus dialing to remote sites
Lake Snowden 1 + (740) + 698 + 6373 + Extension
Logan Energy Institute 1 +(740) + 385 + 9315 + Extension
Perry Campus 1 + (740) + 342 + 3337 + Extension
The McClenaghan Center for Hospitality Training 1 + (740) + 753 + 6196 or 1 + (740) + 753 + 6197

Suggested Voicemail Greetings


  • VM + * + extension number

  • Dial your college phone number, when you hear your greeting press *. Follow message prompts.

  • Enter an online service ticket at:

  • After voicemail greeting starts press #. This will skip the greeting and go directly to voicemail.

  • Press VM button then enter the extension of the party that you wish to leave a voicemail message with.

  • When connect to the voicemail system, after listening to the voicemail, select number 3 to forward to another extension.

  • Dial 8 and then the number.

  • Press the right side of the center speaker button until you get the desired volume level, then press the middle of the center button to save the desired volume.

  • Press the left side speaker button to activate the speaker function. Press the same button to discontinue speaker function.

  • Press DND button. Press right side of center speaker button to scroll (1-20) for whatever Do-Not-Disturb message you desire.

    01 Do-Not-Disturb

    12 Out-Of-office

  • Press the transfer button and then the extension of the party you want to transfer to, hang up to complete the transfer.

  • Press the "FWD" button on your phone. Dial the outgoing line "8" and then the number that you want your calls forwarded to. To cancel the forward feature: press the "FWD" button and then the speaker button.

  • Press the "RED" button on your phone and hang up or place another call. To return to the call on hold, lift the handset and press the flashing button.

    **NOTE** The call will be held for 4 minutes before the call is dropped.

  • If you are receiving harassing phone calls on your Hocking College extension, please contact Campus Safety at Extension "6598".

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