Associate of Technical Study in Heavy Equipment Management

The Heavy Equipment Management program provides practical academic lessons and hands-on experience for developing multiple skill sets utilized in industries using heavy machinery. These skills help individuals interested in entering the various industries that use heavy equipment to build, maintain and advance communities and infrastructure.

This program allows students to become proficient in operating machines such as a bulldozer, tracked excavator, backhoe, road grader, skid steer, vibratory compactor, wheel loader and off road dump truck. The hands-on training emphasizes safety and includes maintenance procedures, pre-start checks, shut down procedures and optical or laser grade checking instruments.

The following outcomes are skills, behaviors, and attitudes cultivated in students seeking the Associate of Technical Study in Heavy Equipment Management:

  1. Identify safety matters involved with Heavy Equipment and Construction sites, maintain and wear all personal protective safety equipment.
  1. Perform pre-start inspections and shut down procedures.
  1. Read blueprints, topographical maps, operate laser / optical leveling devices, and calculate slope percentages.
  1. Digitally display, store, and retrieve data.
  1. Perform basic welding functions, basic hydraulic system analysis and mechanical repairs as needed.
  1. Calculate slope ratios, percentages, grade and elevation, and material volume.
  1. Operates heavy equipment efficiently, responsibly, and safely, including loading and transportation.
  1. Practice land management principles such as positive drainage, fertilization, water quality, and soil pH.
  1. Maintenance, on state and national forest trails, work on a variety of construction projects (private and public).



Associate of Technical Study in Heavy Equipment Management

Course of Study

For students entering May 2017

COURSE NO.FIRST SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
ERT-1101Equipment Operations I4.004.006.00$1,548.00
ERT-1110Construction Basics2.002.003.00$199.00
CM-1101Construction Safety OSHA 302.000.002.00$25.00
GS-1000HC Cornerstone1.000.001.00$80.00
MATH-1103Applied Mathematics2.002.003.00$182.00
NRM-1119Natural Resources Welding0.004.002.00$300.00
COURSE NO.SECOND SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
ERT-1107Heavy Equipment Maintanence and Repair I2.002.003.00$224.00
GEO-1123Surveying and Mapping1.004.003.00$90.00
ENGL-1510English Composition I4.000.004.00$50.00
GEO-1102Introduction to GPS1.002.002.00$175.00
GENV-1130Storm Water Management0.002.001.00$80.00
BIOS-1101Environmental Science3.000.003.00$40.00
COURSE NO.THIRD SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
ERT-1102Equipment Operations II4.004.006.00$1,548.00
***Social Science Elective0.000.003.00
COURSE NO.FOURTH SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
ERT-2220Heavy Equipment Capstone6.0010.0011.00$2,838.00
FOR-1125Forest Soils1.002.002.00$100.00
ERT-1177Commercial Driver License1.008.005.00$4,800.00
ORCM-1107Forklift & Scissor Lift Certification2.002.003.00$150.00


Hocking College reserves the right to modify curricular requirements, to change course content, and change course fees at any time.

The Heavy Equipment Manabeent program prepares graduates for occupations in commercial and residential construction and extraction work, highway construction and maintenance work, pipelines, landfills, landscaping, environment al restoration, commercial trucking, and heavy equipment maintenance.

  • Construction and extraction work
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Pipeline
  • Landfill
  • State and National Forest Trail Maintenance and Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Equipment sales and service
  • Environmental testing
  • Consulting
  • Equipment rentals
  • Equipment transportation
  • Site development
  • Agricultural land clearing and drainage
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