The Hocking Behavioral Intervention Team (HBIT) is a group of staff and faculty who assess at-risk situations on the Nelsonville, Logan and Perry campuses and develops action plans to address such situations. The HBIT is a multidisciplinary team comprised of Residence Life, Counseling Center, Judicial Affairs, Campus Safety, Faculty and other applicable parties. The team meets weekly to discuss incidents of student behavior and to assess, intervene and monitor any concerns referred to the HBIT through the Student Incident Reporting system.

Incidents may include the following:

  • Suicide attempts or expression of suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • Students who threaten to harm other students, staff or community
  • Relationship violence situation
  • Students with weapons on campus
  • Disruptive behavior in classroom
  • Aggressive students
  • Projects or papers that contain violent or threatening content
  • Serious student drug and alcohol related behaviors
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