Make optimal use of technology to foster student learning while increasing the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of college operations.

Robust, high-availability technologies will be used to:

  • Engage students and foster learning
  • Support flexible learning opportunities
  • Insure access to resources for students and employees
  • Increase efficiencies in operations
  • Promote the College within the community
  • Provide a secure IT environment
  • Mitigate risks

Major Initiatives

  • Defining Technology life cycles and replacement plans
  • Business Continuity plan and disaster recovery plans
  • Creating transparency in business operations
  • IT Centralization
  • Integrated Security upgrade
  • Technology standardization
  • Succession planning and cross training
  • Documentation and standard operating procedures
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic signatures

Technology Services

  • Hardware refresh
  • Server consolidation
  • PCI compliance
  • Software/Technology assessment management
  • Instructional technology evaluation and deployment
  • administrative technology evaluation and deployment
  • Implementation of consistent setup protocols

Information Services

  • Further leverage the Colleague environment (HR, Admissions, etc)
  • Fine tuning disaster recovery techniques
  • Enhanced documentation on current processes and job scheduling
  • Automated report generation and web availability job scheduling
  • Development of new web page
  • Development of new athletics web page
  • Implementation of Colleague Self-Service
  • Process enhancement and automation
  • Launch webtime online time management
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