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Welcome back and thank you for visiting our new web presence. This is the first post in what we hope will be a fairly regular series of updates on the strategy and accomplishment s of the Office of Information Technology. With the recent changes in leadership we've spent the last year listening, fighting fires, and identifying areas for improvement. The result of that exercise ultimately resulted in a draft of a five year master technology plan. Given the pervasive nature of the technology service offering we've broken down the most immediate items into major initiatives and then a more specific look into the different functional areas. In general, the next year will be dedicated to cleanup, efficiencies and eliminating risk.

Major Initiatives

  • System readiness for the quarter to semester conversion
  • Migrating existing functionality off of our legacy environment and into existing systems
  • Development of a new College website
  • Implementing a campus wide Active Directory environment
  • Added security and business continuity plans to College wide systems
  • Analysis and selection of a new integrated Learning Management Platform
  • Establish an Office of Information Technology service catalog


  • Establish self help area on the website that offers training walkthroughs for commonly used systems and technology
  • Offer regular training opportunities for question and answer sessions with faculty and staff

Desktop Operations

  • Develop standardized setup protocols
  • Establish standard models of computers and printers
  • Establish a regular computer rotation cycle. Initial goal is to have no computers older than 5 years in production, but the ultimate goal is 3.

Web Services

  • Launch a new College website to improve marketing efforts
  • Implement a content update process that promotes regular updates to the website
  • Migrate existing College websites to a single platform
  • Implement a new College wide Learning Management System (LMS)

Network Services

  • Implement a campus wide Active Directory solution
  • Consolidate existing technology service offerings to newer, centralized infrastructure
  • Introduce a campus wide network upgrade plan that includes more availability of wireless
  • Implement single sign on (SSO) capability

Administrative Computing

  • Migrate functionality from our legacy environment so that it can be completely retired
  • Establish an Institutional Research agenda
  • Automate the generation and publishing of key operational reports
  • Provide training sessions for taking advantage of new and existing modules within our Colleague environment