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Parking at Hocking College

Hocking College maintains a parking system that addresses the needs of the entire campus community. Regulations are firmly enforced and violators will be penalized and/or prosecuted.

Please review the Hocking College Campus Parking Brochure for a full review of parking information.

Important Campus Parking Information

  • Every faculty and staff member and student operating a motor vehicle on campus must obtain and display a valid parking permit.
  • Permits are registered to the driver, not the vehicle. Therefore, permits are not transferable to any other individual, but may be transferred to other vehicles used by the same individual.
  • Permits grant the privilege to park in a specified area, but does not guarantee that a space will always be available.

Purchase a Student Parking Permit

Student permits are $53 each for the autumn and spring term and $35 summer term, and are non-refundable. Permits can be obtained in the Cashier's Office. Students are required to complete a Vehicle Information Form when they purchase their first parking tag or change vehicles. Student permits are identified by term through a sticker attached and clearly displayed on the inside lower left-hand corner of the front windshield (driver's side). Students are permitted to park in designated student parking areas. See the Hocking College Campus Parking Brochure for exact locations.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

Faculty and staff permits are obtained at the Department of Campus Safety. Faculty and staff are permitted to park in designated faculty and staff parking areas. See Campus Parking Map for exact locations. Permits must be attached and clearly displayed on the inside lower left-hand corner of the front windshield (driver's side). Permit number must be visible.


Visitors are permitted to park in designated visitor parking areas from 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. See Campus Parking Map for exact locations. From 5:30 p.m.-7 a.m., visitors may park in any available student or staff parking areas.

Handicap Parking and Medical Permits

A valid handicapped parking permit, issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, is required to park a vehicle in any designated handicap space. See Campus Parking Map for exact locations.


Two or three wheeled motor vehicles are permitted to park only in the designated parking slabs located in front of Light Hall and by the SEO building. See Campus Parking Map for exact locations. These vehicles do not need to be registered with the Department of Campus Safety.

Workshops and Conferences

Individuals or departments planning to host guests, workshops, conferences or meetings to which people from off-campus are invited must inform the Department of Campus Safety by a "Special Event Notification" email, or by telephone, at least 10 days before the event. Please provide event location and the estimated number of attendants and vehicles.


Fines for students and faculty and staff members are payable at the Cashier's Office no more than 10 days after the citation is issued. Any person, who receives six citations in any academic year, will automatically have their parking privileges revoked pending payment of all fines.

Students: Subsequent registration, graduation or release of transcripts will be withheld at the end of each semester pending payment of outstanding fines.

Faculty/Staff: Parking privileges revoked for unpaid or unanswered citations.


Ignorance of the parking regulations is not an excuse or a valid reason for appeal. Drivers are responsible for knowing the regulations, copies of which are available at the Police Department, Parking Services, Human Resources Office and on the Concourse.

The right to appeal a citation is forfeited if a written appeal on the prescribed form is not filed within 10 days of the date of the violation. If an appeal is not filed, the violator accepts the citation as valid and shall be held responsible for the citation. Appeal forms must be filed at the Department of Campus Safety.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Immediately report lost or stolen permits to the Hocking College Police Department at
740.753.6598 or extension 6598 if you are calling from campus. Replacement parking permits can be purchased at the Cashier's Office on the Student Services Concourse in Light Hall.

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