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Student Right to Know

For questions regarding consumer information, admissions@hocking.edu or call 1.877.HOCKING

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application, Procedure and Forms
Student Eligibility
Award Amount Criteria
Students' Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities
Standards for Satisfactory Progress
Criteria for Re-Establishing Eligibility
Methods and Frequency of Disbursements
General Terms and Conditions for Work Study
Loan Counseling - Entrance and Exit
Federal Education Loan Deferral Terms and Conditions
Private Loan Disclosures
Student Loan Code of Conduct
Title IV
Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Aid


Requirements and Procedures for Official Withdraw
Current Degree, Educational and Training Programs
List of Faculty and Instructors
Agencies which Accredit Approve or License the Institution and its Programs:
Facilities and Services Available for Disabled Students
Transfer Policies and Articulation Agreements

Health and Safety

Drug and Alcohol
Student Resources
Staff and Faculty Resources
Annual Safety and Fire Safety Report

Student Outcomes

Completion, Graduation and Transfer Rates
Career and Job Placement Services

Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance:
Refund Policy


Voter Registration
College Navigator

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