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Veteran and Military Residency






How to Establish Residency for Hocking College

Any changes of residency status must be processed before the start of the term. Students that are only enrolled in courses that begin after the main term must complete residency paperwork on or before the earliest course start date. 


When enrolling, the student is responsible for indicating the proper residence classification for tuition costs. If there is a question, the student should consult with personnel in the Registrar’s Office and Veteran Services. 

Residency is determined by length of residence and other factors associated with military service — minimum of six months of established residency in Ohio and three or more of the following with dated six months prior to the semester involved, unless special circumstances apply.



1. Military: The following will apply to current members of the armed forces, veterans, spouses and dependent children of current armed forces members and veterans at Hocking College.

  • Current Members of the Armed Forces: Deemed residents of the state for tuition and fee purposes. (Provide a copy of your service member Personnel Record and JST or CCAF transcript.)
  • Veterans:  Entitled to pay tuition and fees at in-state rates if:
    a) you live in Ohio while attending or
    b) you are eligible (do not have to be receiving) for benefits under the federal post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act or any other federal law authorizing benefits for veterans. (Provide a copy of your DD-214.)
  • Spouses and Dependents of Current Members of the Armed Forces:  Deemed residents of the state for tuition and fee purposes. 
  • Spouses and Dependents of Veterans: Eligible for a scholarship discount to pay in-state tuition at Hocking College. Click here for more details.

2. Domiciliary Residence: To discuss available options, reach out to the Director of Veterans and Military Student Services, Stephen Powell.


If a student disagrees with their classification as a nonresident for tuition costs, they may file a written appeal within 30 days with the Registrar’s Office. The payment of tuition as originally assessed shall be a condition to the right to appeal residency classification. Failure to file an appeal within the time and manner specified makes classification by the Registrar’s Office final.

For additional information, email registrar@hocking.edu.

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