HC Cornerstone (GS 1000) - Hocking's First Year Experience (FYE) course

The HC Cornerstone course is required for graduation in all Hocking College degrees. It is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities that will promote success in college and beyond. For these reasons, the class is positioned in the first semester in all degrees to be the most meaningful for students.

Each session of the class will address a topic or body of knowledge for the purpose of developing students as learners and active members of the community. Topics will include (but are not limited to): technology, campus organizations, time management, learning styles, wellness, student services, and academic integrity polices. It will meet for sixteen, one-hour sessions and be worth 1 credit.

HC Cornerstone - Accelerated (GS 1001): Criteria for placement

HC Cornerstone - Accelerated is a course designed to orient students who have already demonstrated educational success at the college level, typically not at Hocking College. This course will focus on specific information pertinent to Hocking College, which will pave the way for the student's future success. It will meet for eight, one-hour sessions beginning week three of the semester and be worth 0.5 credits.

Students must meet at least one of the following criteria to be considered for the HC Cornerstone - Accelerated course:

  1. Undergraduate degree from accredited college.
  2. Previous military experience.
  3. Returning students: successful completion (C or better) of previous FYE course at Hocking College such as "GS-101 Focus on Success".
  4. Transfer students: Transfer of 24+ successfully completed credits from an accredited college; or successful completion of FYE course at accredited college and 12+ successfully completed credits transferred.

The accelerated course will be offered for the first time in autumn 2014 and then again each term moving forward.

If applicable, please contact Donna Wamsley by email for permission to add the accelerated class. If Donna is unavailable, Sarah Parker-Clever can also assist.

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